Up your entertaining game with these nature-inspired basket lid DIY coasters

Coasters serve a practical purpose by protecting surfaces from the unsightly white rings caused by wet glasses and hot mugs. This doesn't mean they have to be unexciting though.
Even a newbie DIYer will get A+ results with this eye-catching project. These coasters blend natural material with suede string and a glittery rhinestone accent for one-of-a-kind appeal. They are fashioned from basket lids and will give your space an immediate injection of boho chic. Choose a larger lid and you’ve got a coaster for a teapot. Whip up half a dozen, and you’re ready for a party.
- Set of two small round nesting baskets with lids
- Tape measure
- Roll of suede cord in color of choice
- Scissors
- Roll of blue painter’s tape
- Hot glue gun
-Hot glue sticks
- Small rhinestone
1. Remove the smaller basket’s lid. Check its circumference with a tape measure. It should be 14 3/4 inches.
2. Cut about 5 feet of suede cord from the roll with the scissors.
3. Cut three pieces of cord from this one long piece. Each should be about 18 inches in length.
4. Place the lengths of cord on the work surface so they are parallel to each other.
5. Gather the cords in your hands and tie a knot on one end. This end should have a bit of excess cord extending from the knot.
6. Tape the knotted end of the cord to the work surface.
7. Start braiding the three cord lengths that are underneath the taped and knotted cord.
8. The braided portion of the cord, with knots included, should be 14 inches in length, just a bit less than the basket lid’s circumference.
9. Extend the braid to the other end of the cord pieces, but leave a couple of inches of unbraided cord.
10. Knot this end as you did the other end.
11. Trim the excess cord on both ends, right up to each of the knots with the scissors.
12. Carefully hot glue the braided cord to the outer edge of the basket lid.
13. The knots of each end of the braided cord will be facing each other, but there will be a small gap in between them.
14. Take a rhinestone and hot glue it to the gap.
15. Repeat steps 1-14 and make a coaster out of the larger basket’s lid, but measure the cord appropriately.
16. After the glue dries, the pieces will be ready for use.
Enjoy the warm look this project gives to your space, and never worry again about vessels filled with hot liquids leaving hard-to-remove marks on your wooden or glass surfaces.
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