Transform 2 wicker baskets into a stylish shelving unit in a few simple steps

Small wicker baskets are budget-friendly containers that often find themselves stacked up in a closet at home. Instead of letting them go to waste, give these rustic storage options new life by combining them into a shelving unit that’s perfect for getting any room organized. It doesn’t take much more than some copper wire and yarn to create a basket shelf that’s durable, helpful and comes with a colorful touch of modern flair too.
While two baskets of identical size are necessary to create a stable shelving unit, it could be fun to combine basket shelves of varying dimensions for a more dramatic look on the wall. Yellow yarn is added as a bright and bold visual option, but there’s every opportunity to mix and match hues to seamlessly blend into the aesthetic of a room’s décor. Place these basket shelves on the ground as throw blanket organizers, or set them on top of other baskets to create additional lifted storage space. They could just as easily be mounted on the wall with Command Hooks for ease of mobility when it’s time to switch things up.
-Wicker basket with handheld cutouts (2) 12” x 12” x 12”
-Copper wire
-Yellow yarn
-Hot glue gun
1. Place two identical wicker baskets side by side on a flat working surface so that the handheld cutouts line up.
2. Cut a 7-inch piece of copper wire, and push one end through both baskets at the left side of the basket’s handle cutout just below the top support bar.
3. Wrap the wire around the two vertical support bars and through the other side of the basket. Cut away excess wire and use pliers to twist the remaining wire ends around each other to secure the baskets together. Repeat this process on the other side of the handheld cutout.
4. Add a third copper wire twist tie at the bottom center of the handheld cutout space.
5. Apply a spot of hot glue to the underside of the top support bars of the handheld cutout just in front of the copper wire twist tie. Press the end of a string of yellow yarn to the glue to attach.
6. Unwind 4-feet of yellow yarn and cut it away from the greater spool.
7. Wrap the yellow yarn around the top support bars of the handle until the space between the two copper wire twist ties is completely covered.
8. Apply a spot of hot glue near the bottom of the handle to attach the end of the yarn and cut away excess yarn as needed.
9. Repeat this yarn wrapping and attachment process on each of the two exterior handles of the baskets.
10. Turn the baskets so that the yarn-wrapped handles face out, creating a dual shelving unit.
11. Place the basket shelves on top of an upright basket for a triple shelf that’s perfect for storing crafts or displaying miscellaneous home goods.
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