This fun felt liner turns a basket into a charming accent item for the home

Felt is an easy to work with fabric that is not only budget-friendly, but comes in a variety of stunning hues. The soft texture of felt makes it the ideal material when some basic sewing techniques will really bring a DIY project together. The fun colors and soft surface of felt make it a great fabric to incorporate as a lining material. While it’s durable enough to keep items secure, its semi-fuzzy texture gives a final product a touch of comfort and charm.
When it’s time to take those extra baskets at home to a new decorative level, adding a felt liner is a quick and easy way to upgrade the overall look. Felt can easily be cut to size and sewn together at the edges to create a unique liner that adds color, texture and aesthetic appeal to the interior of any basket. Once lined, a handheld basket can be used to hold extra throw blankets without fear of snagging. A basket also makes a wonderful addition to a child’s room as a place to store toys. Wherever it ends up in the home, a DIY lining for a basket is sure to be a helpful and pleasing project.
-Wicker basket with handheld cutouts, 11” x 7.5”
-Measuring tape
-Light blue felt sheet, 12” x 12”
-Dark blue felt sheets (4) 12” x 12”
-Sewing needle
-Light blue sewing thread
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a wicker basket measuring 11-inches by 7.5-inches on a flat working surface.
2. Measure the long edge of a sheet of light blue felt to 11-inches and mark with a Sharpie.
3. Measure the short edge of the felt to 7.5-inches and mark with a Sharpie. Repeat these measurements and markings on the two remaining edges of the felt.
4. Cut out the 11-inch by 7.5-inch felt square. Ensure that it is cut to size by placing it flat in the bottom of the wicker basket. All edges should line up evenly.
5. Place the wicker basket handheld cutout-side down on a sheet of dark blue felt. Trace the outline of the basket onto the felt and cut out the shape following the lines.
6. Place the dark blue cutout inside the basket and trace the handheld cutout space from the outside with a Sharpie. Cut the shape from the felt. Repeat this process using a second piece of dark blue felt for the opposite side of the basket.
7. Cut two additional pieces of dark blue interior lining felt rectangles using the long sides of the basket as stencils. These last two pieces will not require a handheld cutout section.
8. Lay all of the felt pieces out on a flat surface. Place the handheld rectangles on the left and right sides, the dark blue rectangles above and below and the light blue rectangle in the middle. Ensure all edges are straight and even.
9. Fold the top dark blue felt rectangle over the light blue center piece.
10. Sew the long edges of these two rectangles together using a light blue thread and a needle.
11. Continue sewing around the perimeter of the light blue felt rectangle until all 4 dark blue felt rectangles are attached to the base.
12. Once the base is secured to the edges, sew up to the top edge of all four corners so that all felt edges are connected. Make a final knot to secure and cut away excess thread as needed.
13. Place the felt lining into the wicker basket lining up the handheld cutouts.
14. Fill the basket with extra throw blankets and place it on a shelf or on the ground near the couch in the living room to best use and admire.
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