Creative cake stand centerpiece can be customized in countless ways

This creative DIY project transforms a simple cake stand into an ode to spring. Everything about the piece screams “pretty,” from its extravagant blossoms to its sparkly and silvery details.
This centerpiece is versatile and can lead many lives. A grouping of small picture frames in its center would make a touching family reunion table accent, while a bowl of flower petals floating in water would be ideal for a summer garden party. Whether you choose edible confections, a grouping of pillar candles or another type of pretty object assemblage, this table topper will set an inspiring mood for any gathering.
- White plastic two-piece cake stand
- Bottle of silver metallic acrylic paint
- Plastic paint palette
- Fine art paintbrush
- Roll of silver glittery washi tape, about ¼-inch wide
- Scissors
- Clear or colored acrylic stones with flat bottoms
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue gun sticks
- About eight small floral foam bricks (about 2 ½ inches by 3 ½ inches by 7 inches each)
- About six bunches of artificial flowers, buds and leaves
- Small needle-nosed cutting tool
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1. Take the cake stand base off the upper plate portion.
2. Squirt the silver metallic paint into one of the palette's indentations.
3. Apply the paint to the bottom portion of the cake stand base with the paintbrush. The stem and portion of the base that fit into the platter part of the cake stand should remain unpainted.
4. Apply the washi tape to the very bottom edge of the cake stand base, directly under the painted portion.
5. Cut the tape from the roll with the scissors, and press the end piece down on the base edge so the tape end lays flat.
6. Place a dot of hot glue on the outer edge of the upper tray portion of the cake stand, and apply a jewel stone.
7. Repeat step 6 until the entire tray edge is covered with jewel stones. You can apply them randomly, put just one type of stone all the way around the edge or mix them up.
8. Apply a thin line of glue on the outer top section of the cake platter and place a floral foam brick on top of it. Apply pressure to attach it thoroughly to the cake stand.
9. Repeat step 8 until the entire outer top portion of the cake stand is lined with the foam bricks.
10. Take the artificial flower and bud stem bunches and cut separate pieces off with the cutting tool.
11. Insert the stem ends into the sides and tops of all of the foam bricks.
12. Connect the base to the upper portion of the cake stand. It is now ready for use.
No matter what you choose to display on this lavishly adorned cake stand, it is sure to look stunning.
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