Mom sanded down an old cupboard door, converted it into portable decor

One can never have too many serving trays, and it’s even better if they add a bit of charm and color to your space. This ingenious and budget-friendly tea tray project is certain to encourage a bit of relaxation, a rare commodity in these busy times.
All you need is a stock kitchen cupboard door, which is affordable and plentiful at home supply stores. Pick one that suits your style—you can choose farmhouse style with a more traditional and detailed door face, or go more modern and trade the ornamental detailing for a simple, smooth surface. Your choice of paint color can be a game changer here too. A pop of sunny yellow means you’ll have a portable room brightener, while black high-gloss lacquer will add a touch of elegance and drama.
- One stock cupboard door
- Sanding sponge
- Soft cloth
- Piece of plastic sheeting or drop cloth
- Small bowl
- Latex paint in your color of choice
- Paintbrush
- Two cabinet pull handles
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Electric drill
- Screwdriver
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1. Place the cupboard door on the work surface.
2. Lightly sand the exterior with the sanding sponge.
3. Wipe the dust from the sanding process away with a soft cloth.
4. Place a layer of plastic underneath the door—a paint drop cloth or an old plastic tablecloth will do.
5. Coat the front and the sides of the door thoroughly with paint using the paintbrush.
6. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
7. With the sanding sponge, lightly sand the edges of the door and if the face has any raised angled detailing on it, sand that as well. This will give the surface a distressed look.
8. Find the center point of the top end of the door with the ruler and place one of the pulls on it; most pulls have two holes for screws to go into to attach the pull to the door.
9. Mark the points where the screws will be drilled through the door end with a pencil, using the pull as a guide.
10. Using the electric drill, make two small holes in these spots. Brush away the sawdust that’s produced by the drilling.
11. Repeat steps 8-10 on the bottom end of the cupboard door.
12. Place one of the pulls so its screw holes are aligned on top of the drilled holes.
13. Take one of the pull’s screws and from the underside of the door, screw it through the hole in the door and into the pull with the screwdriver. Repeat this step with the other screw for the pull. Now the pull will be securely attached to the end of the door.
14. Repeat step 13 on the other end of the door using the other pull.
15. Your tray is now ready to use.
Place a cup of tea or coffee and that book you can’t put down on your nifty new tray and settle into a comfy spot!
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