Washable cuddler: Transform fuzzy socks into a monkey kids will love

For many children, a look back on childhood reveals several close companions that come in the form of stuffed animals. Some imagination and love are all it takes to create a best friend out of fabric that’s sure to stick by a child’s side. Even when children have outgrown their stuffed animals, the memory of a well-loved and cuddly friend is bound to remain in their memory. Skip the expense of a new stuffed animal. Instead, get creative and turn two striped fuzzy socks into a stuffed monkey that’s made for hugging. 
A sewing machine is key when it comes to transforming socks into a loveable monkey. Well-placed sewing pins make it simple to transform these standard foot warmers into charming arms, legs and a tail that captivate a child’s imagination. When the design is complete, stuff the fabric with cushy Poly-fil for a soft finish that’s perfect for snuggling up day or night. The addition of two button eyes brings a sock monkey to life. While this stuffed pet is perfect as a child’s toy, it can also bring charm to the home by serving as decoration when it’s not being loved.
- Pair of fuzzy socks, crew orange and white striped
- Sewing pins
- Sewing machine
- Scissors
-White thread
-Thread snips
-Black buttons, 2
-Black thread
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1. Position a single orange and white striped fuzzy sock on a flat working surface with the heel facing up towards the ceiling. The sock should be turned inside out.
2. Attach a line of sewing pins down the center of the sock beginning just beneath the heal and working vertically down towards the sock opening. Place a single pin horizontally between the first and second pin closest to the heel.
3. Sew a double line of stitches using a sewing machine on either side of the vertical pins. Cut away excess thread when complete.
4. Cut the space away between the two lines of stitches with scissors up to the horizontal pin before removing it from the sock. Round off the ends of the two cuts of fabric with scissors.
5. Turn the sock right-side out and stuff it with Poly-fil making sure to push the stuffing down into the two fabric sleeves which will be the legs of the final sock monkey. Once stuffed, position the legs out so that the heel of the sock acts as the monkey’s bottom and the toes are the head.
6. Turn a second identical fuzzy sock inside out and position it on a flat working surface like a boomerang with the heel pointing up, the sock opening to the left and the toes pointed down to the right.
7. Beginning at the left side of the heel, create a vertical line down the sock with sewing pins.
8. Insert sewing pins down the center length of the sock starting at the heel and ending at the sock opening.
9. Create a horizontal line of sewing pins from the center of the sock across the length to the end of the toes.
10. Insert five vertical pins across the right side of the sock that line up with the horizontal pins in an upside-down ‘T’ shape.
11. Sew two sets of stitches on either side of the pins using a sewing machine using the pins as a stencil. Remove sewing pins as the stitches are added and cut away excess thread with snips as needed.
12. Place the sock back on a flat surface and use scissors to cut out the heel entirely.
13. Cut away the top portion of the sock above where the heel cut was made. Use scissors to cut between the stitches to create two long sleeves. Turn the sleeves inside out once removed and set to the side.
14. Cut between the stitches on the remaining portion of the sock where toes would traditionally go to create two additional sleeves and turn them inside out as well.
15. Cut off the ends of the sleeves and use scissors to round out the edges before setting them to the side.
16. Fill the three sleeves and two ends with Poly-fil until completely stuffed.
17. Place the original sock that was previously stuffed on the table and sew the space between the two sleeves closed using a needle and white thread. Knot the thread and remove excess thread as needed.
18. Select the longer of the three remaining sleeves on the table and use a needle and thread to sew it behind the two legs as the monkey’s tail.
19. Sew the remaining two fabric sleeves to either side of the top of the original sock as the monkey’s arms.
20. Sew the two rounded ends of fabric to the top of the monkey’s head as small ears.
21. Place a small amount of Poly-fil inside the heel cutout and place it in the center of the monkey’s face with the Poly-fil facing down and the rounded side facing out. Use sewing pins to attach the fabric edges to the monkey until it can be sewn on securely with needle and thread. Remove the pins when finished.
22. Replace the white thread with black thread and sew two black button eyes above the heel cutout.
23. Place the completed sock monkey on a couch to display or give as a gift for a huggable friend that’s sure to last a lifetime.

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