Turn an old wood slice into the cutest kid-friendly craft

Gather all the little peeps in the classroom to create a spring craft that will leave everyone cheeping with joy. Help kids create an Easter chick coaster that will complement spring decor and serve a functional purpose, too. Parents will be glad to avoid watermark rings left on the table from drinkware this Easter.
This kid-friendly craft makes use of wood bark discs — but don't worry, there's no need to call in Paul Bunyan or wield an axe to get wood for this craft! Wood discs are available loose and in bulk from most craft stores. While shopping for wood discs, purchase some acrylic paint, felt and macrame cord for the Easter chick coaster.
Materials- Wood bark disc
- Daffodil yellow acrylic paint
- 1/2 inch paint brush
- Small mixing bowl
- Yellow felt
- Scissors
- Black felt
- Glue gun
- Hot glue
- Yellow macrame cord
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a wood bark disc on a flat work surface.
2. Squeeze daffodil yellow paint into a small mixing bowl.
3. Dip the paintbrush into yellow paint.
4. Paint the smooth flat surface of the disc with yellow paint.
5. Allow the paint to try.
6. Cut two tulip-like shapes out of yellow felt. These pieces will serve as the chick's feet; each foot should display three toes.
7. Cut a small triangle out of the yellow felt. The triangle will be the chick's beak.
8. Cut two small circles out of black felt. These will be the chick's eyes.
9. Glue the two black felt eyes to the center of the wood disc. Measure approximately one inch of space between the eyes.
10. Glue the small yellow felt beak in the center of the wood disc, below the eyes.
11. Hold the wood disc in an upright position.
12. Glue the feet to the bottom of the wood disc; apply as much glue as necessary to adhere the felt to the bark.
13. Place two fingers together. Loosely wrap the yellow macrame cord around the two fingers about 10 times.
14. Cut the macrame cord to free it from the bundle or spool.
15. Slip the cord over fingers, keeping the cord in its stacked ring position.
16. Slip the loose end of the cord through the center of the rings.
17. Take each loose end of the cord and tie a knot. The knot secures the rings together.
18. Cut the stack of rings in half with the scissors, opposite of the knot, making hair for the chick.
19. Stand the chick in an upright position.
20. Apply hot glue to the top of the bark disc.
21. Secure the chick hair to the top of the head.
22. Allow glue to dry.
23. Use the chick as a coaster for beverages.