How to make an Easter chick wreath

Easter is an important holiday that comes with the added bonus of opportunities to indulge in both colorful and charming décor details. Between the Easter eggs, butterflies, flowers and baby chicks, holiday decorations in April hold vast potential for kicking up the cuteness factor. When looking for a quick way to create an Easter wreath that tugs on the heartstrings, consider crafting a chick-themed wall accent that’s simple to make and sure to please.
A traditional branch wreath can become a dazzling home for baby chicks when you add a standing branch. Purchase fake chicks in vibrant yellow hues to stand out nicely against the natural branch tones. Those chicks come to life even more vividly when you scatter small bunches of faux baby’s breath throughout the wreath. Hanging this Easter chick wreath with a single piece of twine incorporates a rustic touch. While the wreath would work well as a door decoration, it could be just as captivating when hung on a living room or kitchen wall.
-Branch wreath, 12 inches in diameter
-Single craft branch, 12 inches in length
-Faux baby chicks, 3
-Hot glue gun
-Faux baby’s breath blooms, 9 small bunches
-Spool of twine
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1. Place a 12-inch branch wreath on a flat working surface.
2. Insert one end of a 12-inch craft branch into the left interior side of the branch wreath halfway up from the base. Insert the other end of the branch into the opposite side of the wreath to secure across the middle portion.
3. Apply a dab of hot glue to the bottom of one of the faux chick’s feet, and press onto the middle branch approximately 2-inches from the left side of the wreath. Repeat with two additional faux chicks, securing them side by side across the branch.
4. Cut 9 small bunches of faux baby’s breath, allowing each to stand approximately 2 inches in height.
5. Apply a spot of hot glue to the stem ends of a single bunch and press into the branch wreath. Continue to glue and secure the remaining 8 bunches evenly around the circumference of the wreath.
6. Cut 24 inches of twine from a spool.
7. Knot one end of the twine at the top left of the wreath. Knot the opposite end of the twine on the far top right of the wreath.
8. Hang the Easter chick wreath on a wall from the twine next to a bouquet of baby’s breath to enjoy and admire.

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