Create a beautiful Boho-chic headband using an old bed sheet

Changing out the bed sheets for an upgraded set doesn’t mean the old sheets have to be destined for the garbage. Instead, a decorative bed sheet can easily be turned into a beautiful Boho-chic headband with just a little time and imagination. Cutting a strip of bed sheet to size and customizing with a few strategic stitches is all it takes to design a wearable headband that flaunts a favorite pattern.
While any pattern on an old bed sheet will work, picking a floral bed sheet to create a headband is a sure way to speak to Boho-chic style. Once the headband is cut and stitched, it’s ready to be tied in a variety of fashions right around the head. Keep a charming front knot for a fashionable look at a restaurant or even at the beach. This floral headband could be side-tied for a one-of-a-kind look or simply tied at the back of the head for simple appeal.
-Decorative bed sheet, choose a floral pattern for a Boho-chic final product
-Measuring tape
-Ironing board
-Sewing machine
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1. Unfold a decorative, floral bed sheet on a flat working surface, and smooth out any wrinkles.
2. Measure a rectangle onto the sheet beginning from the bottom right corner of the fabric. The rectangle should be 5 inches in height and 9 inches longer than the circumference of the head. Use a combination of a ruler and tape measure to create straight lines, and mark the measurements with a pencil.
3. Cut the rectangle from the fabric.
4. Fold the fabric rectangle in half so the short ends meet evenly.
5. Measure 3 inches in from the side on one long end and mark it with a pencil.
6. Turn the ruler diagonally, and draw a line from the 3-inch marking to the opposite bottom corner of the fabric.
7. Cut along the diagonal line.
8. Unfold the fabric, and place it flat on an ironing board.
9. Iron the fabric smooth.
10. Measure ¼ of an inch with a measuring tape on all four sides of the fabric and turn the fabric over twice.
11. Iron all four edges to keep the folds in place. Clip away any excess fabric as needed once this is done.
12. Machine-stitch all four sides of the fabric folds. Cut away excess thread once this is complete.
13. Tie the headband around the head with the slanted edges facing forward to create a charming Boho-chic look that’s sure to be eye-catching!