Don't let shoes end up in the trash. Try these 5+ DIY ideas instead

Shoes are an essential part of any wardrobe, but more often than not, the shoe shelf at home finds itself overstocked. Although it’s easy to build a collection, longevity is another issue altogether. As favorite shoes become quickly worn, less preferred pairs take up unnecessary closet space. Instead of throwing out shoes when they’ve reached their end or haven’t served a purpose for years, consider upcycling them into something new.
Giving shoes new life with alternative purpose helps the environment and creates home décor options. From indoor planters to umbrella holders, a repurposed shoe can meet a variety of aesthetic and functional needs. When shoes haven’t been worn because they’re simply missing some glitter or glam, an upcycle comes to the rescue. Adding tassels, rhinestones or even paint to a plain pair of heels leads to an incredible upgrade. Dazzle onlookers or guests by choosing to change up shoes with a little creativity rather than simply discard them.
How to make a planter from a sneaker
Converse footwear is famous amongst brand loyalists for the company's colorful and comfortable take on shoes. Put this aesthetic appeal to use by transforming an old sneaker into a one-of-a-kind planter. Tie the laces into a decorative bow around the tongue and fill the shoe with pebbles and potting soil. Although the rocks and soil add weight to the shoe planter, they also provide the perfect ground for growing succulent plants.
Once you add succulents, the sneaker is fully transformed into a colorful planter that’s durable enough for holding soil and breathable enough for added oxygen. Place the shoe planter on an end table or outdoors for a fun and stylish way to incorporate greenery into the patio. Learn how to create this look here.
How to make an umbrella holder from a rain boot
Rubber rain boots are sure to keep feet dry when storms let loose, but when it’s time to replace well-used Wellingtons, this particular style of footwear can quickly and easily be upcycled. Turn a rain boot into an umbrella holder in just a few simple steps. Begin by Mod Podging some nautical-themed tissue paper to a rain boot’s exterior to create a fun and personalized look.
Once the decorating is finished, simply set the rain boot next to the door and let the rubber do the work of keeping moisture off the floor. Having a rain boot umbrella stand readily available is a sure way to keep floors protected and provide a creative conversation starter. See how it’s done here.
How to make a tassel for a strap
As time goes by, it’s normal for things to change, and that includes an individual sense of style. When it’s time to upgrade the look of footwear there’s no need to spend a lot on a new pair of shoes. Sometimes all it takes is the addition of a stylish tassel or two to give a well-loved pair of shoes the upgrade required to become a new fan-favorite in the closet.
To create this easy yet elegant look, loop a length of colored leather cord several times before securing it at the end with copper wire. Once the cord is securely bundled, cutting away the ends is a simple way to turn the loop into a tasteful tassel. Tie the tassel to the buckle or strap of a pair of high-heeled sandals for a pop of color that’s one of a kind. See how easy it is to do  here.
How to make a wreath from baby shoes
Baby shoes are as adorable as they are sentimental for parents in awe of how quickly children grow. It doesn’t take long for baby feet to transition to toddler sizes, leaving a closet full of baby shoes that look great but don't fit. Instead of throwing them out or boxing them up as keepsakes, turn these precious baby shoes into a unique and meaningful wreath.
A small hole placed through the canvas on either side of the heel makes a simple attachment point for crafting wire. Thread at least four pairs of baby shoes before attaching them by wire to a round wreath base. When the shoes are securely attached, intersperse some lovely faux flowers to create an elegant final product. This baby shoe wreath would be at home in a child’s room but could be kept anywhere in the home as a reminder of those baby days gone by. Learn how to craft this here.
How to put rhinestones onto heels
Rhinestones bedazzle everything from phones to jeans and the many T-shirts in between. When it comes to giving a favorite pair of heels a makeover, rhinestones add a regal touch that just might do the trick. Use tweezers to carefully apply stick-on rhinestones to the back of high heels in a pleasing design.
Lining the top edge entirely with rhinestones and gradually spacing them further apart down the heel creates a cascading effect that’s particularly eye-catching. For black heels, consider adding black rhinestones for a sophisticated touch. For other colors, a rainbow of hues would look incredible. Get started by viewing the full tutorial here.
How to paint scales on wedge shoes
Decorative scales are a fun and fashionable way to change up a favorite pair of wedges. It doesn’t take much to give these lifted shoes a look that’s reminiscent of a mermaid tail. Shimmering acrylic paint in shades of blue can be applied directly onto the wedge heel using small strokes with an oval brush. Overlapping strokes in different hues create a scale-like effect that captures the light and accentuates texture.
Pair these newly shimmering wedges with shiny leggings for an all-over nautical effect or with a blue dress to bring out the best in the many colors. No matter how they’re worn, scaled wedges are sure to be the envy of everyone who sees them. Learn how to create your own here.
How to make a ribbon strap for high heels
A great pair of high heels can quickly transform attire from casual to chic. Although these elegant shoes elevate the wearer and elongate the look of legs, there are times when even more style is required. Adding a ribbon ankle strap is an easy way to give high heels even more feminine flair but also keep them from slipping and sliding.
Loop and knot a small piece of crafting cord through the interior elastic of the high heel to create an extension point on the back. Once the loop is secured, thread an elegant length of satin ribbon through that can wrap around the ankle and be tied into a lovely bow. Choose a cord and ribbon that complements the material of the high heel for the most dramatic effect. Learn the steps to crafting this look here.

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