Add bling to a plain candle vase with this technique

Plain glass vases and votive holders are inexpensive, and dollar stores often carry them. Use what money you save by finding a cheap one to purchase some metal leaf and decorate the holder. Gold leaf adds an upscale look to any room when added to a candle holder, while silver leaf creates elegance.
The tutorial uses a honeycomb pattern, but you may use any repetitive pattern such as diamonds or checks. The trick is to use a stencil thick enough that you have to press down a little to adhere the leaf. This way, the leaf will stick to the inside edges of the stencil instead of the top, and the design will not peel away with the stencil when you take the stencil off the glass.
- Clear pillar candle holder
- Honeycomb stencil
- Protective glove
- Painter's tape
- Leaf adhesive
- Artist's paintbrushes: one 1/2-inch wide and one fine-point
- Gold leaf
DIY Everywhere
1. Clean the holder and let it dry.
2. Place the stencil flat on the work surface. Run a strip of tape along one edge. Lift the stencil and position it over the lower one-third of the holder. Press the tape in place. Tape the stencil's left and right sides to the pillar.
3. Wear a glove on the hand that will be touching the glass rim so fingerprints don't get left behind. Brush the adhesive over the stencil where it rests against the glass. Be sure it gets into the combs. Let the adhesive dry.
4. Smooth the gold leaf over the stencil where it touches the glass. Use the fine-point brush to smooth the leaf over the stencil and press the leaf into the combs. Gently peel off the stencil.
5. Wrap the stencil so it starts where the leaf leaves off on the glass. Only tape down the stencil where it does not touch the gold leaf.
6. Repeat steps 3 and 4.