Give a canvas bag a colorful new look with the help of dip dye and tassels

Canvas totes have a reputation for being extremely useful bags when it comes to keeping life on the go organized. What they aren’t known for is being at the forefront of style. Change up the canvas bag aesthetic with nothing more than some purple dip dye and a decorative tassel. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes and a vibrant pop of color to transform a bag from simple to sensational. In the same way a plain T-shirt can be turned into a stylish piece of apparel with colorful dye, a canvas bag dipped in permanent color will quickly soak up the eye-catching effects.
Design a look that fades from dark purple to light purple by dipping the bottom of the bag into the dye for varying lengths of time or contrasting concentrations of dye mix. Although purple provides a bit of feminine appeal to the final product, there’s no reason not to mix and match dip dye hues for a bold look that works well as a daily accessory. Options to add tassels and other fun extras to the canvas bag handle can enhance the beauty and fun when it comes to a new take on a traditional canvas bag favorite.
- Large plastic bowl at least 12 inches in diameter
- Plain canvas bag
- Plastic gloves
- Rit Dye, purple
- Large tongue depressor
- Protective plastic sheet
- Decorative cord with purple and white tassels
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1. Fill the large plastic bowl half full with water.
2. Run water over a plain canvas bag until it's completely saturated. Press the bag firmly to wring out excess moisture.
3. Put on plastic gloves and pour two-thirds of a packet of purple Rit Dye into the plastic bowl with the water.
4. Stir the dye to dissolve completely using a large tongue depressor.
5. Place the bowl on a flat working surface with a plastic protective sheet underneath.
6. Dip the first 5 inches of the bottom of the canvas bag into the purple dye. Leave for 3 seconds and remove to achieve a light purple hue.
7. Add the remaining purple dye to the water and stir with a tongue depressor.
8. Dip 3 inches of the bottom of the bag into the water and dye once more. Leave for 3 seconds before removing for a darker shade of purple on the very bottom of the tote.
9. Place the bag on the plastic protective sheet and use gloved hands to smooth the bottom and blend the shades of purple in the middle.
10. Loop a cord with a purple and white decorative tassel around the shoulder strap of the bag.

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