Upgrade a boring pair of shorts with these DIY ideas

Not all shorts styles are suitable for everyone. If you've happened to score a pair of inexpensive and uninspiring shorts, these tutorials are for you. Each project elevates a simple pair of shorts to something interesting and personal. From trim to patches, the guides provide plenty of options for dressing up boring shorts.
Some projects require basic sewing skills, but there are enough no-sew choices here if you don't know how to wield a needle and thread. All embellishments are changeable. For example, use flower patches instead of dog ones, sequin ribbon instead of lace, or play around with colors.
How to make pom-pom trimmed shorts
Add a little bohemian funk to a pair of cotton shorts. Use smaller pom-poms for an understated look, but go with bigger ones if you want to make a statement. Pom-poms come in various colors, but white ones go with almost any shorts pattern. You may sew them on denim, but you get more movement from the pom-poms if you use a looser fabric. Get the tutorial here.
How to make fabric paint shorts
Add color to basic denim with stencils and fabric paint. The tutorial uses flowers to make it seem they are growing from the pocket, but you can use any small stencil. Stick-on stencils are the best to use, as fabric can shift under the stencil. Experiment with color, but stick to a theme. Get the tutorial here.
How to fray shorts
The 1980s have made a bit of a comeback with frayed shorts. This easy project adds just enough fray without going overboard with the entire hem shredded. The result is a casual look that's stylish for the beach or summer barbecues. Longer shorts are best to use since you do have to cut off the sewn part of the hem. Get the tutorial here.
How to make tassel trimmed shorts
Tassels don't just look good on curtains and graduation caps. Use a roll of tassel to add a feminine touch to a pair of cotton shorts. As with the pom-pom project, use a looser fabric so the fringe has space to sway. Movement will catch the eye and garner compliments. Get the tutorial here.
How to make pearl flower shorts
This project does take some time, but the effort is worth it. You sew on the flowers so they won't fade or come loose in the wash. Pearl beads create an elegant look when added to denim shorts. You want a firm base for the beads to stay in place, so a stiff fabric is best. Get the tutorial here.
How to make fabric pocket shorts
White shorts provide the ideal backdrop for bright fabrics. Get creative and use any pattern -- just make sure to use the same pattern on all parts of the shorts. Do not use a thin fabric, as you'll be sitting on it, and the friction can wear it away. This project results in a casual look, with the sewing method designed to show the thread. Get the tutorial here.
How to make dog-patch shorts
Iron-on patches are easy to apply to any fabric, and this project works with both stiff and loose fabric. The tutorial shows how to create a canine look, but you can use any small to medium patches. Daisy trim adds a youthful element to the embellishment. To learn how to apply the trim, watch the tutorial here.

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