Give a canvas tote new life: Turn it into a creative pillow cover

When it’s time to swap out a handy canvas tote for something new, make the most of the fabric by turning it into a charming pillow cover. The tote can be redesigned to bring out the best in a throw pillow insert while upgrading the look of a couch or chair at the same time. It doesn’t take much time to put this pillow cover together.
Throw pillows are generally meant to be eye-catching, so pick a canvas tote that comes in a colorful or fun design. Fabric snips are enough to remove the bag straps, leaving the ideal fabric dimensions behind for a pillow insert. Finish off the opening edges with a sewing machine while strategically looping yarn and buttons to create attachment points. Once the pillow cover is in place, toss this new piece of comfy décor on a couch or loveseat to add color, design and unique recycled style to the room.
- Canvas tote
- Fabric snips
- Pillow insert
- Sewing pins
- Sewing machine
- Measuring tape
- Yarn
- Four oval two-hole wood buttons
- Needle and thread
DIY Everywhere
1. Put the canvas tote on a flat working surface.
2. Snip away threads at the interior seam to remove both straps.
3. Pull out the lining of the tote, and snip away the interior pocket at the seams (if one exists).
4. Push the lining back into the tote.
5. Insert a pillow into the tote.
6. Fold over the opening edges to cover the insert, and secure them with sewing pins.
7. Remove the pillow and use the sewing machine to finish the opening edges, removing pins as the edges are closed.
8. Position a measuring tape along the edge of the opening, and place four sewing pins at even 2-inch intervals.
9. Match up four sewing pins on the opposite side of the opening with the four already in place.
10. Measure and cut four 5-inch lengths of yarn from the skein.
11. Loop a single length of yarn through the two holes of an oval wood button. Knot the yarn at the ends, leaving a loop between the knot and button.
12. Repeat the looping and knotting process with the remaining three buttons and lengths of yarn.
13. Cut four additional 5-inch lengths of yarn, and tie each into a loop with knotted ends.
14. Place a button and yarn loop at each pin on one side of the canvas tote, and secure each with the pin at the yarn knot. The knot should be secured to the interior of the lining, and the button should extend beyond the edge of the canvas.
15. Place a yarn loop at each pin on the opposite side of the canvas, and secure with the pin on the interior lining. The loop should extend beyond the canvas edge.
16. Sew all eight loops in place inside the canvas tote with a needle and thread at the knot before removing the pins.
17. Place the pillow insert inside the cover, and secure the end by looping each button through a yarn loop on the opposite side.

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