Give a basket a summer upgrade with clamrose seashells

A traditional wicker basket is a useful item for general household storage, but the simple addition of some clamrose seashells quickly transforms it into a decorative statement piece. It doesn’t take much to give a wicker basket a seasonal upgrade, and it’s not necessary to live beach-side to make the most of seashell décor. Clamrose seashells are readily available at craft stores and make both a unique and beautiful addition to a basket’s rim. Combine seashell edging with rope yarn for a seaside look that’s centerpiece ready for the next summer get together.
A seashell-edged basket looks beautiful on its own and could be great for storing summertime accessories such as sunglasses or goggles for the pool. When it’s time to get friends and family together, a seashell basket can be filled with even more shells of different shapes and sizes to transition into a one-of-a-kind centerpiece. Place it on a patio or dining room table for maximum admiration. A seashell basket also makes a great piece for an end table that can easily be switched out as the seasons change.
-Clamrose seashells (21), white
-Home Décor chalk, Parisian Grey
-Home Décor chalk, light pink
-Small glass bowl
-Round wicker basket, 12 inches in diameter
-Hot glue gun
-Hot glue sticks
-White rope yarn
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a white clamrose seashell on a flat working surface with the rounded side facing up and edges firmly on the table.
2. Fill a small glass bowl with Parisian Grey Home Décor chalk.
3. Paint the rounded surface of the clamrose seashell grey. Repeat using six additional seashells.
4. Paint seven seashells using light pink Home Décor chalk.
5. Leave seven seashells white and unpainted.
6. Turn a 12-inch wicker basket upside down on the table.
7. Hot glue the edges of a grey clamrose seashell and press it to the bottom of the wicker basket. Leave half an inch of space between the seashell and what will be the top rim of the basket when its turned right side up. The narrow end of the seashell should be facing down towards the table.
8. Hot glue the edges of a white, unpainted clamrose seashell, and attach it directly next to the grey seashell. Repeat this process with a light pink seashell.
9. Continue gluing and attaching seashells around the bottom rim of the basket in an alternating pattern of grey, white and pink until the shells meet back at the starting point.
10. Apply a spot of hot glue directly below one of the seashells, close to the rim’s edge, and press the end of a spool of white rope yarn to secure it in place. Continue wrapping and gluing the yarn around the bottom rim until the edges meet.
11. Wrap and glue a second loop of yarn around the circumference of the basket’s bottom rim. Cut away excess yarn where the ends meet.
12. Turn the basket right side up, and fill it with an assortment of colorful seashells for maximum summertime style. Place it on a dining room table or end table to admire and enjoy.

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