Make a keepsake wreath from baby shoes

If you're reluctant to toss your growing child's little footwear, turn those shoes into a keepsake wreath you can hang to remind you of sweet memories. Later, you'll have a bit of fun embarrassing your kid in front of their friends when they're older. This wreath also is special for someone who just likes things in miniature or who wants to make a personal gift for a baby shower. If possible, use four pairs of shoes approximately the same size.
To make the shoes' colors stand out, use a neutral color for the flowers, such as cream or white. If you want to add more color via the flowers, choose those that match a tone in each pair of shoes and place that flower shade on one side of the matching pair.
- 4 pairs of baby shoes
- Straight tailor's awl
- Spool of floral wire
- Wire cutters
- Fake flower blossoms
- Chipboard or cardboard wreath, 12 inches in diameter
- Satin ribbon and removable wall hook for hanging
DIY Everywhere
1. Measure 1 inch in from the back of the shoe, moving toward the side. Poke a hole 1/2 inch above the sole at that location. Make another hole in the same location on the opposite side of the shoe. Do this for all the shoes.
2. Cut off 8 inches of wire. Feed the wire through the holes in one shoe, leaving equal lengths of wire sticking out on each side. Curve the excess wire up so it looks like a "U." Repeat this step for each shoe.
3. Pull off the flower blooms so only short stems are left.
4. Place one shoe so the heel sole covers a front part of the wreath. Wrap each excess wire around the wreath and around itself to secure the shoe. Cut off excess wire. Place the matching shoe next to the first one and secure it.
5. Secure another shoe pair at the 3 o'clock position on the wreath.
6. Secure a third pair at the 9 o'clock position on the wreath.
7. Secure the final pair opposite the first pair on the wreath.
8. Wrap wire around each flower stem. Secure the flowers around the wreath in the spaces between the shoe pairs.
9. Tie ribbon to the top of the wreath and hang on a removable wall hook.