How to set the summer vibe at home with seashell wall art

Well-placed wall art is a creative way to spruce up the home with seasonal flair. Easy to change out and eye-catching for guests to enjoy, wall art adds color and style to a room with little work involved. The downside to wall art can be the price tag. Too often, that perfect piece requires cashing out at the home goods store. When it’s time to add a summery upgrade with wall art this year, consider this stunning DIY project that keeps the cost low and the quality high.
A plain canvas sprayed with stone-texturized finish captures the look of a sandy beach. Adding seashells in fun patterns like a star gives any room a seaside feel. Final touches of netting and twisted-rope edging bring the nautical theme to new heights. Seashell wall art can add style to an outdoor patio or be a decorative living room statement piece.
-Framed canvas, 12-inch by 12-inch
-Rust-oleum stone textured finish
-Small seashells, 500 count
-Hot glue gun
-Brown netting
-White thick-twisted cotton rope
-Clamrose seashells, 2
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1. Spray the front of a 12-inch by 12-inch canvas with Rust-oleum stone textured finish to create an all-over sandy look.
2. Draw a star on the canvas with a pencil. The star should be centered and take up the majority of the space, leaving 1 inch of room between star points and the canvas edges.
3. Apply hot glue to the star edges and press small seashells into the glue to firmly attach. Shells should be matched side to side so no pencil mark shows beneath. Continue gluing seashells until the entire star shape is lined.
4. Fill in the interior space of the star using hot glue and seashells. Make sure canvas does not show through the shells.
5. Cut a 3-inch by 3-inch swatch of brown netting and lie it diagonally over the bottom left-hand corner of the canvas.
6. Attach the netting to the canvas with hot glue and cut away excess material so that the fabric is lined up with the canvas edges. Repeat this with netting placed in the upper right-hand corner of the canvas as well.
7. Line the bottom edge of the canvas with hot glue and press the end of white thick-twisted cotton rope to attach. Continue gluing and attaching the rope around the perimeter of the entire canvas until the edges meet. Cut away excess rope.
8. Outline the back of a large clamrose seashell with hot glue and press it to the center of the netting on the bottom left corner of the canvas. Attach a second clamrose seashell in identical fashion to the netting on the upper right corner of the canvas.
9. Hang the seashell wall art in the living room or move it outdoors to complete a summer patio set.

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