Serve up drinks in style by turning a cupboard door into a beautiful tray

Kitchen cabinets have a unique way of bringing the culinary scene together in a home. It can be fun to swap them out in the name of a stylish upgrade, but instead of throwing out those well-used cupboard doors, consider giving them a second life as a wallpaper tray. With the right tools and crafty accessories, it easy to turn a cupboard door into an elegant serving tray suitable for an afternoon tea or full-time coffee table accent piece.
A little paint goes a long way toward refurbishing a cupboard door’s edging into a sophisticated tray that takes tea time to the next level of excellence. Adding a preferred sheet of wallpaper to the center of the cupboard door is an easy way to tie colors together and clearly define the space where cups and cookies can be served up in style. Include bronze-finished handles to the tray for making it easy for you to move from place to place when guests are around. While this wallpaper tray would make an excellent addition to any party, it could also be used as a centerpiece on the dining room table.
-Cupboard door, 15 inches long by 12 inches wide
-Cleaning cloth
-Plastic gloves
-Plastic protective sheet
-Home Décor Chalk, Cottage White
-Small glass bowl, 2
-Decorative wallpaper
-MemOffice cutting mat
-T square
-X-Acto knife
-Mod Podge adhesive
-Foam head paintbrush
-Hand-held roller
-Cupboard handles with bronze finish (2) 3 ½ inches long
-Tape measure
-Table vice, 2
-6-gauge screw, 4
-Hand-held drill
-Phillips Tip screwdriver
DIY Everywhere
1. With a cleaning cloth wipe down the front of a removed cupboard door measuring 12 inches by 12 inches.
2. Spread a plastic protective sheet on a flat working surface and place the cupboard door in the center with the beveled edges facing up.
3. Fill a small glass bowl with Home Décor Chalk in Cottage White.
4. Put on a pair of plastic gloves.
5. Paint the entire beveled edging of the cupboard door white using a large paintbrush. Make sure edges are entirely covered and that the center of the cupboard door remains unfinished. When dry, remove the plastic from underneath the door and remove gloves.
6. Line up the edge of a sheet of decorative wallpaper with the interior top left corner of the cupboard door. Make sure the top and side edges of the wallpaper are in perfect alignment with the top and side edge of the door's interior, unfinished center space.
7. Make a pencil mark on the wallpaper where the interior top right corner of the center space will fit as well as on the bottom left corner.
8. Place the wallpaper on a MemOffice cutting mat.
9. Cut the wallpaper to the marked size using the pencil marks, an X-Acto knife and a T square for straight lines.
10. Wipe the unfinished center of the cupboard door once more with a cleaning cloth.
11. Fill a small glass bowl with Mod Podge adhesive and use a foam head paintbrush to apply the adhesive evenly over the center space. Wipe away excess as needed with a cloth.
12. Press the decorative wallpaper cutout to the adhesive to firmly attach, making sure all edges are evenly aligned.
13. Run a hand-held roller over the wallpaper to smooth any remaining wrinkles.
14. Center two bronze-finished cupboard handles on either side of the beveled edging.
15. Measure 6 ½ inches from the top of the cupboard door to the center of the left edge using a T square. Mark the designated point with pencil.
16. Measure 2 ½ inches up from the marking and create a pencil mark to designate the upper attachment point. Make an identical marking 2 ½ inches below the center mark for the bottom attachment point.
17. Attach the cupboard door to the end of the working surface with two table vices allowing the pencil markings to extend over the edge.
18. Drill all the way through the top and bottom pencil markings.
19. Measure across the board horizontally using the T square to create the identical top and bottom hole markings on the right edge of the cupboard door. Use a tape measure to make sure there are 2 ½ inches of space from the centermost point.
20. Turn the cupboard door around and reattach the table vices. Drill through the two remaining pencil marks to create attachment holes.
21. Insert screws from the bottom of the cupboard door through both holes and twist gently into the cupboard handles to attach. Repeat on the opposite side of the door.
22. Turn the door upside down and tighten the screws using a Phillips Tip screwdriver.
23. Flip the cupboard door right side up to reveal an elegant wallpaper tray. Place on a couch or coffee table for serving beverages and snacks with a side of style.