Don't toss Tic Tac containers: Try one of these creative DIYs

Sometimes you just want a little candy to freshen your breath or hit you with a sugar rush -- but along with those bites of candy comes a lot of packaging material. Reuse those Tic Tac containers and help the planet by cutting down on waste. Before you begin any of these projects, make sure the containers are clean and that you've removed the labels.
The beauty of these crafts is that each is portable and small enough to fit into a purse or glove compartment. Bring an emergency sewing kit wherever you go. Pack salt for family picnics. Have glitter handy for a makeup touch-up. Check out these creative DIYs for Tic Tac containers.
Bobby pin holder
No matter how many packages of bobby pins you purchase, there never seems to be a pin when you need one. Keep them stored in one location with this holder made from a Tic Tac container. Stash a holder in the car or at the office for hair emergencies. Carry one in your purse or backpack in case the weather turns windy. Get the tutorial here.
Glitter shaker
Everyone knows escaped glitter can create quite a mess, as it sticks to everything. Turn a container into a shaker to keep those sparkles under control. Have a container in your makeup kit or clutch for a touch-up when you're out on the town or hitting the clubs. Use temporary tattoos to decorate the box. Get the tutorial here.
Earbud case
Stash earbuds in this attractive case to keep them from getting tangled. Washi tape comes in many colors and patterns, so you can customize the case in whatever style you like. The tutorial uses complementary colors in the same family. For a bolder look, use contrasting colors. Get the tutorial here.
Travel size wood matchstick holder
Keep matches from getting crushed or lost in a junk drawer with this functional project. A Tic Tac container is the perfect size for standard stick matches. It also fits nicely in a backpack so the matches are handy for fire starting when you're camping. To find out what material to use for the striker, watch the tutorial here.
Paperclip holder
Paperclips have a tendency to migrate to the corners of drawers under everything else that is in there. Wrangle those clips into place with a holder made from a Tic Tac container. Make more than one if you want to separate the paperclips by color or size. This project also is good for holding safety pins, which you can place in the glove compartment of your car in case of missing-button emergencies. Get the tutorial here.
Emergency sewing kit
There's almost no end to where you might have a clothing "emergency": the office, a restaurant, a hotel. Make several of these portable sewing kits to place in your car's glove compartment, your desk, purse or backpack, and suitcase. The advantage to making your own sewing kit is the quality of the thread. Most ready-made kits have thin thread and dull scissors, but if you make the kit, pack sturdy thread and sharp scissors. Get the tutorial here.
Salt and pepper shakers
Not happy with kitschy salt and pepper shakers? Make a set of plain, functional holders for the seasonings. Although they aren't elaborate, they go with any decor. If you want to jazz them up a bit, use gold or silver letters. These shakers also are easy to pack with picnic lunches. Get the tutorial here.

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