Transform your ho-hum shorts into a swingy sensation with pom-poms

Pom-poms convey energy, whether they’re the oversized ones cheerleaders wield or the small ones that make a throw pillow just a bit more fun. Craft stores sell rolls of pom-pom trim border in loads of colors. Applying it to virtually any craft project you’re working on adds an instant bit of boho fun.
The simple addition of a pom-pom border to the bottom of a pair of shorts instantly elevates them from "nothing out of the ordinary” to “ready for a good time.” You can go in a subtle direction with smaller pom-poms or make a bolder statement with bigger ones. Whichever type you choose, the pom-poms will move every time you do, and that's bound to create lots of visual interest in addition to fashion fun.
- Pair of cotton shorts
- Two 24-inch lengths of pom-pom trim from a roll
- Straight pins
- Scissors
- Sewing needle
- Roll of thread that matches the pom-pom trim color
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the shorts on the work surface.
2. Attach the pom-pom trim, with the pom-poms hanging down, to the bottoms of the shorts’ leg openings with straight pins.
3. Using the needle and thread, sew one end of the trim to the shorts, using the pre-pinned sections as your guides. Your first stitch should be started from the inside of the shorts.
4. Continue sewing the trim onto the shorts and remove the straight pins, one by one, as you finish sewing each small section.
5. When you've sewn all the trim onto the shorts, make a few stitches that connect the ends of the trim to each other.
6. Create a small knot in the thread on the inside of the shorts by wrapping the thread around the needle several times and pulling the needle away from the thread.
7. Cut the needle and excess thread from the knot with the scissors.
8. Your pom-pom-trimmed shorts are now ready to wear.
Enjoy making a fun entrance at your next summer festivity in these pom- pom-adorned shorts.