Personalize kitchen apparel by creating a stylish apron from bedsheets

When inspiration hits in the kitchen or the art studio, having an apron handy is key. Keeping the creative juices flowing while keeping clothing in great condition is important when working with everything from paint to cookie dough. While the nearest home goods store is sure to have a wide selection, there’s no reason to break the bank when buying an apron to protect your clothing. Instead, turn old bedsheets into a personalized apron that will keep clothes in mint condition and inspiration running high.
Basic machine-stitch skills are required for this DIY project but once the process is underway, it doesn’t take much time to create something completely unique. A fun sheet pattern acts as the focal point of the apron and can be mixed and matched as the crafter sees fit. Options to add everything from a pocket to ruffles give this sheet-inspired apron a personalized touch and feminine appeal. A DIY apron made from sheets works just as well in the kitchen as it does in a craft room and makes an incredible gift for a friend who loves to cook or paint too. Feel free to make matching aprons for the kids at home when it’s time for a family project day!
- Decorative sheet
- Plastic measuring mat
- Red colored pencil
- Scissors
- MemOffice cutting board
- Stick rotary cutter
- Tape measure
- Pink sheet
- Sewing pins
- Sewing machine
- Ironing board
- Iron
- Pink bias tape
DIY Everywhere
1. Unfold a decorative sheet on a flat work surface with the pattern facing down. Fold the sheet in half making sure the short edges are in line.
2. Measure 16-inches in from the right edge of the folded sheet with a plastic measuring mat and mark the point with a red colored pencil. Make two identical marks near the top and bottom edge of the sheet.
3. Turn the plastic measuring mat vertically and use the red colored pencil to create a line that runs through all three markings.
4. Cut the fabric along the red line with scissors.
5. Line the plastic measuring mat up with the bottom right corner of the fabric and use the red colored pencil to mark 14-inches from the right edge. Make two identical markings near the top and bottom edge before cutting the fabric out.
6. Place a length of excess fabric that’s been cut from the larger sheet on a MemOffice cutting board.
7. Measure the fabric to a preferred size for an apron pocket and cut out the square using a stick rotary cutter.
8. Fold the larger decorative sheet into quarters and use scissors to shape and round the bottom edge.
9. Unfold the sheet so it’s only folded in half and the rounded edge is facing down.
10. Measure the three bottom edges of the apron using a tape measure then set the fabric to the side.
11. Fold a pink sheet in half and lay it flat on a MemOffice cutting board.
12. Measure the pink sheet to two times the length that was measured out for the apron’s three edges so the ruffle for the apron will be long enough to fit.
13. Cut out two lengths of the pink sheet using a stick rotary cutter.
14. Line the two lengths of pink fabric up so the short ends are perfectly aligned. Use three sewing pins to secure the short ends together.
15. Machine-stitch the length of the pink fabric to create the base for a ruffle.
16. Fold the length of the opposite side of the ruffle over half an inch before machine-stitching the length of the fabric on this side as well.
17. Pull a piece of thread through the pink fabric to scrunch the sheet and create an apron ruffle.
18. Pin and stitch all four edges of the piece of fabric that will be used for the apron pocket.
19. Pin the pocket to the apron in your preferred location.
20. Machine-stitch the pocket to the apron to secure.
21. Fold the decorative fabric width-wise and use a sewing pin to mark the center.
22. Pin the pink ruffle around the three bottom edges of the fabric before machine-stitching it in place.
23. Pin the fabric backing of the apron in place before machine-stitching to secure.
24. Place the apron on an ironing board and iron the fabric smooth.
25. Bind the top edge of the apron with pink bias tape using pins to secure before machine-stitching the edging material in place.
26. Tie the apron around the waist using excess bias tape length to make a bow. Wear this charming apron when cooking or creating to protect clothing and add personalized style!