Patches are back in style: How to make shorts with dog patches

This is the perfect project for those crafters who love working on something specific. There are so many iron-on patches available that anyone can find cute options to put on their clothes and proudly display their obsession. This tutorial decorates denim shorts with dog heads, but you can use any small-to medium-size patch desired. You also may experiment with different patch sizes and locations, as well as different types of ribbon.
When trying various ribbons, make sure to use ones that lie flat if the shorts have a curved pocket. If the shorts' pockets all have straight edges, there's no limit as to what ribbon you can use. For example, use sequined ribbon on black shorts, plaid on tan shorts or gingham on blue denim.
- Several iron-on dog patches
- Hand towel
- Iron and ironing board
- Daisy-chain ribbon
- Scissors
- Straight pins
- Needle and thread
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1. Turn on the iron, set on "cotton" unless the patch instructions state a different setting.
2. Place the shorts flat, front side up, on an ironing board and smooth them out. Place one patch 1 inch in from the right leg seam (the shorts' right, your left) and 3 inches up from the shorts' hem.
3. Open the towel and place it flat over the patch. When the iron is heated, press the iron to the towel over the patch, moving the iron around a little, for approximately 20 seconds. Remove the iron and towel. If the patch is sticking up around the edges, iron again.
4. Place a second patch below and to the right (your right) of the first patch. Iron as in step 3. Repeat for a third patch to the left of the first patch, just above the leg's hem. Iron as in step 3. Iron on a fourth patch so it looks like the dog is peeking out of the left pocket (the shorts' left, your right).
5. Cut off a length of daisy chain equal to the length of the pocket's top edge. Pin the chain in place. Hand sew the chain in place along the edge.
6. Flip over the shorts. Iron on two patches so it looks like the dogs are peeking out from a back pocket. On the opposite pocket, iron on one patch so it looks like the dog is looking out.
7. Cut off a length of daisy chain equal to the length of the second pocket's top edge. Pin the chain in place. Hand sew the chain in place along the edge.

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