It's tassel time: This detail will make those cute shorts even better!

It's all in the details, right? That idiom rings particularly true when it comes to this easy and adorable shorts upcycling project. Whether you choose to accent shorts that are a solid color or ones that are patterned, the secret ingredient is this charming tassel trim.
The tassel detail adds refinement and a tailored feel to a summer clothing staple. You can choose to make your shorts monochromatic by adding tassel trim that matches the color, whereas a contrasting trim color is a bit more adventurous. This project offers a stylish way to refresh an old pair of shorts or customize a new pair.
- Pair of cotton shorts
- Two 24-inch lengths of tassel trim cut from a roll
- Straight pins
- Scissors
- Sewing needle
- Roll of thread that matches the tassel trim color
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the shorts on the work surface.
2. Trim the bottom edge of the tassel trim that binds the tassel ends together. This will loosen the tassel ends and create a fringe effect.
3. Line up the bottom of the tassel trim border with the bottom of the shorts' leg openings. Attach the border, with the tassels hanging down, to the shorts with straight pins spaced every few inches.
4. When you have completed lining the leg openings with the tassel trim, cut the trim from the roll.
5. Sew one end of the trim to the shorts with a needle and thread using a basic running stitch. Start the first stitch from the inside of the shorts.
6. Continue sewing the trim onto the shorts, and remove the straight pins one by one as you reach each small section.
7. When you have sewn all the trim onto the shorts, make a few stitches that connect the trim ends to each other.
8. Create a small knot in the thread on the inside of the shorts by wrapping the thread around the needle several times and pulling the needle away from the thread.
9. Cut the needle and excess thread from the knot.

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