Keep your makeup tools organized with this roll-up clutch

One of the tragedies of traveling is opening your bag to a sea of makeup tools. That makes finding the brushes, sponges and tools that a full face of makeup requires difficult. A roll-up clutch is an easy-to-use, customizable option to make packing a breeze or to keep your bathroom tidy.
Even those just learning how to sew will find pinning and sewing this roll-up clutch quick and simple — no insulation or interfacing between fabric layers needed. (Nevertheless, do supervise youngsters anytime they're using the sewing machine.)
- 2 fat quarters
- Ruler
- Pencil or fabric marker
- Fabric scissors
- Straight pins
- Sewing machine
- Thread
- Iron
DIY Everywhere
1. Lay your fat quarters flat and face up, one on top of the other.
2. Measure 2 inches down from the top of the long edge of the quarters. Mark a line all the way across.
3. Cut your 2-inch strips from both pieces.
4. Turn the top piece of fabric over so the right sides of the fabric are facing each other. Pin the two pieces together.
5. Stitch around the pinned piece, leaving a 3-inch space open in the middle of one of the shorter sides.
6. Round the corners using fabric scissors, being careful not to cut the stitched seam.
7. Using the 3-inch opening you left, turn the piece inside out so the right sides are facing out.
8. Iron the piece, paying special attention to flatten out the seams now on the inside of the piece. Set this aside for later.
9. Face the right sides of the two strips you cut at the beginning of the project to each other. You don't need to pin the fabric together.
10. Sew along three sides, leaving one small end open.
11. Using the small end you left open, gently work the piece right side out. Watch that you don’t pull or break the stitches you just made.
12. Once the strip has the right sides of the fabric facing out, iron the strip flat, again paying attention to the inside seams.
13. Tie a knot at each end of the strip. This will form a closure tie for your clutch.
14. Fold the strip in half and pin it into the open space on the larger piece. Fold the bottom of the larger piece up lengthwise about 2 inches, and pin the fold into place.
15. Stitch both the short sides of the fold you just made, creating a pocket in the larger piece. This will also secure the knotted tie on the side.
16. Use your makeup tools to gauge where you would like the pockets to be. Use pins to mark them for sewing.
17. Sew the pinned areas to create the pockets. You do not need to sew all the way up to the top of the piece, just to the top of the fold to create the pocket.
18. Place your tools in their custom pockets, then fold the top of the clutch down over any longer tools. Roll up the clutch to use.