Hold it: How to make a jute-webbed vase with a glass candle holder

Jute string gives a naturalistic look to any project that it embellishes, and this one is no exception. The jute web that you create holds the star of this show, the glass globe candle holder that will gorgeously show off whatever type of flower bouquet you put in it. It would also be an ideal way to showcase a single dramatic fern leaf or an over-sized elephant ear.
Don’t let the knotting required for this project intimidate you. After tying a few very simple knots, you’ll be pleased that you've created, in very little time, a jute web that serves as your vase's stylish resting and nesting place. The jute adds a nautical feel that's perfect for a summer centerpiece.
- Medium-sized glass globe candle holder
- Jute string
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
- Scissors
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1. Take the glass globe candle holder and wrap jute around the top of the opening. Cut it to size.
2. Take the jute on the spool, and extend it from the top of the candle holder’s opening to the bottom of its base.
3. Unravel pieces that equal this piece’s length three times, and cut the one long length from the spool.
4. Unravel this piece, and create a loop at its midpoint. Bring the ends of this piece of jute through the loop and tighten it into a knot.
5. Take the other piece of jute, tie it around the two ends of the other piece and tighten it.
6. Repeat steps 3-5 five more times so that the long length of jute has six knotted lengths hanging from it.
7. Take the length of jute from which the six other pieces are hanging, and wrap it around the candle holder opening.
8. Hot glue the knots at the tops of each of the six attached jute pieces to the candle holder opening. Space them evenly apart.
9. Trim the excess from this piece of jute so that it circles around the candle holder’s opening at the top and the six lengths that are knotted to the main length are cascading down the glass globe from the opening.
10. Take two of the hanging pieces of jute and knot them together at about one-third of the way down from the top of the opening. Do this all the way around the globe.
11. Continue with this knotting process, and make another series another one-third of the way down from each of the sets of knotted jute pieces; you’ll be forming a supportive jute basket for the glass globe.
12. Hot glue these knots to the middle section of the globe.
13. Tie another series of knots joining the pieces of jute, and glue the knotted points to the bottom of the glass globe.
14. Trim the excess jute from the bottom series of knots.
15. Cut a length of jute that fits the globe’s bottom circumference.
16. Glue it to the bottom knots that form the basket the globe is resting in.
17. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.
18. The globe-within-a-web vase is now ready for display and can now be filled with flowers.