Makeup made easy using a brush roll designed from felt

Makeup is a daily necessity for many, but unfortunately, there isn’t always enough time to make sure it’s in place before you have to head out for the day. Instead of rushing the process, take a little time to create a simple and stylish DIY brush roll with felt. Easily carry those essential makeup brushes in a purse or pack to ensure they’re always there when it’s time to reapply your makeup before a big event.
Felt is an ideal fabric to use for a brush roll, as its soft texture won’t distort fragile brush heads during transportation. It’s flexible enough to hold plenty of brushes, but durable enough to keep excess powders or blushes from staining the interior of a purse. Consider adding a satin bow to tie the roll together for a bit of feminine flair. You can easily mix and match felt colors for this brush roll, designing it to speak to your personal taste and style.
-Blue felt square, 12 inch by 12 inch
-Decorative felt rectangle, 5 inch by 7 inch
-Makeup brushes, 6 of varying sizes
-Hot glue gun
-Blue satin ribbon, 16 inches in length
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a 12-inch by 12-inch square of blue felt on a flat working surface.
2. Place a 5-inch by 7-inch decorative rectangle of felt horizontally on top of the blue felt. Place the decorative felt near the bottom center of the blue felt, leaving half an inch from the bottom edge.
3. Pick the decorative felt up and fold it in half horizontally, making sure the long edges are perfectly lined up.
4. Cut the decorative felt in half along the long edge. Replace one half of the felt back where it was originally positioned near the bottom and center of the blue felt.
5. Cut away 5 inches of blue felt horizontally from across the top of the square.
6. Fold 2 inches of blue felt from the top edge down leaving 1 inch of space between the fold and the top edge of the decorative felt.
7. Turn the decorative felt over so the white backside is facing up.
8. Place 6 makeup brushes of varying sizes along the decorative felt backing, making sure they're evenly spaced apart and that the bottom of each brush is lined up with the bottom edge of the felt.
9. Mark lines around and below each brush with a Sharpie to indicate where separate pouches will be. Leave half an inch of space at the top of the felt for brushes to be placed within the final pouch.
10. Outline the Sharpie marks using a hot glue gun.
11. Flip the decorative felt over and press firmly to attach.
12. Fold the blue felt in half horizontally so the short ends meet evenly.
13. Pinch a small amount of top fabric together toward the center of where the edges meet. Make a single cut through the top fabric only, so as to create an attachment point.
14. Thread a 16-inch piece of blue satin ribbon through the cut and tie it to secure it to the fabric.
15. Unfold the blue felt and lift the top flap up.
16. Fill each of the 6 pouches with a makeup brush and flip the top flap of the blue felt back down to cover the bristles.
17. Roll the blue felt into a neat bundle beginning at the right side of the fabric.
18. Tie a bow around the felt roll using the satin ribbon before placing it in a purse or pack for easy transporting.