Turn felt into a fun pet food mat that looks great and keeps floors clean

Pets are an important part of life and well-loved members of families the world-over. However, when it comes to feeding cats, dogs, and the many pets in between, the mess can be a frustrating part of the essential process. Over time, oil from dry pet foods as well as moisture residue from water spills can leave once beautiful flooring looking less than its best. Equally as frustrating for pets can be a water or food bowl that slips and slides as they try to eat.
Felt is an amazing fabric when it comes to designing a one-of-a-kind pet food mat. Soft enough to keep animal noses comfortable yet durable enough to keep bowls in place, felt also provides an absorbent barrier between pet food bowls and the floor. Felt comes in a variety of hues making it easy to design a tri-toned pet food mat that’s stylish as well. Cutting edges into a zigzag design is an easy way to add a funky flair to the final product.
-Dark purple felt square, 12 by 12 inches
-Light purple felt square, 12 by 12 inches
-Light blue felt square, 12 by 12 inches
-Sewing pins
-Needle and thread
DIY Everywhere
1. Stack three 12-inch by 12-inch felt squares on top of each other using dark purple as the base followed by light purple and light blue on top. Make sure all of the edges are even.
2. Pull the light purple felt 2 1/2 inches to the right to expose the dark purple felt below. Make sure the top and bottom edges of felt are still in line.
3. Pull the light blue felt 2 1/2 inches to the right, exposing light purple felt below.
4. Fold the light blue felt in half from top to bottom then turn the fold vertically.
5. Cut a triangle zigzag pattern across the short edge of the light blue felt using 2-inch cuts.
6. Unfold the light blue felt and turn it horizontally once more, replacing it 2 1/2 inches from the left edge of the light purple felt below.
7. Repeat the zigzag edging on the light purple felt before replacing to its original spot 2 1/2 inches from the left edge of the dark purple felt below.
8. Insert a sewing pin through each of the light blue and light purple zigzag triangle points to keep the felt in place.
9. Beginning at the bottom-most light blue zigzag triangle, sew a single stitch through all three pieces of felt coming in with the needle from the bottom of the stack. Create a long stitch along the length of the triangle before continuing onto the next light blue triangle.
10. Sew a single stitch along the length of each triangle on both the light blue felt and light purple felt below. Knot the thread underneath the mat at the last stitch, and cut away excess thread as needed.
11. Remove all sewing pins from the felt.
12. Place this colorful and uniquely designed felt pet food mat under a water and food bowl for pets to admire and enjoy!