Chignon chic: Bring spring to your locks with this felt flower hair clip DIY

Looking for a way to dress up your hair a bit for a wedding or other special event? This easy flower hair clip project allows you to create a stunning and unique accessory in a jiffy. The color of the flowers can be determined as you consider your ensemble’s hues. If you craft a pair of these floral clips, you will have the option of creating a ‘do that features each side section of your hair held back with one.
Since this project is fairly quick and easy-to-execute, make a couple of pair. You can keep one and give one as a sure-to-be-treasured gift. No matter what your hair’s length, you can change your look instantly with these garden-themed beauties.
- Ruler or tape measure, for measuring the felt
- Six small pieces of violet felt, about 1-by-3-inches each
- Scissors
- Piece of green floral wire, about 6-inches long
- Needle-nosed cutting tool
- Hot glue gun
- Glue sticks
- Small piece of green felt, also about 1-by-3-inches long
- Small alligator hair clip
DIY Everywhere
1. Take the three small pieces of violet felt and arrange them so they are layered on top of one another.
2. Cut a small scalloped pattern with the scissors lengthwise through them. Each piece will have a row of about 6 scallops.
3. Take a piece of green floral wire, about 6-inches-long and cut it in half with the needle-nosed cutting tool.
4. Take one of the scalloped pieces of felt and apply hot glue to the scallop at one end of the piece.
5. Wrap the glued end tightly around the end of one of the pieces of floral wire, with the scallops facing upward.
6. Apply more glue in a short line along the bottom of the scalloped felt.
7. Continue wrapping the felt around the floral wire, but going in a downward direction.
8. Repeat steps 6-7 until all of the small scalloped felt pieces are attached to the floral wire.
9. Wrap the other two scalloped pieces of felt to the floral wire as above.
10. There will be a small section of the wire that will still be exposed when you finish.
11. Take the small piece of light green felt, fold it in half, and cut out a small leaf shape. Since the felt is folded, you will have two leaves.
12. Apply a dot of hot glue to the bottom of each leaf.
13. Wrap the first one around the wire in the same way as the scalloped paper, but with the top point of the leaf oriented upward. Place the next leaf underneath that one.
14. The end of the piece will now have a very little bit of exposed wire showing.
15. Repeat steps 4-14 and cover the other piece of wire with the violet and green felt.
16. Apply glue to the front of the alligator clip.
17. Attach the green ends of each wire piece to the clip, so they are directly facing each other.
18. After the glue dries completely, the flower hair clip can be worn.
Use this pretty clip to create a quick up-do.
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