Manage the mess: How to make a glitter shaker from a Tic Tac container

Some people think glitter makes everything better, but it can wind up in unexpected, unwanted places, such as on fingers that later prepare dinner. For crafters and make-up artists who love glitter but hate the mess, an empty Tic Tac container helps keep glitter explosions to a minimum. A Tic Tac container is easy to tuck into a craft or makeup kit, and the spout funnels the glitter where you want it to go.
If you don't wish to use temporary tattoos, you can use regular stickers from a craft store's scrapbook department or a dollar store's toy section. For an elegant touch, paint a small stencil on both sides.
- Clean rag (not shown)
- Nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol or glue-remover solvent (not shown)
- Empty Tic Tac container
- Sheet of temporary tattoos
- Scissors
- Small bowl of water
- Paper towels
- Glitter
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove the label from the Tic Tac container. If it doesn't peel off easily or leaves residue, saturate it with glue-remover solvent or alcohol and let it set a minute. Gently rub the label with the clean cloth. Rinse the inside and outside of the box, and allow to dry.
2. Place the tattoo face-down on the container. Wet a paper towel and dab on the back of the tattoo. Carefully peel off the paper. Let the tattoo dry.
3. Place a paper towel on the work surface (not shown). Remove the Tic Tac container's top and slowly pour in glitter. Replace the top. Make sure the top is securely closed when the container is not in use.

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