Transform a Tic Tac container into a fun and floral paperclip holder

A paperclip is a simple office supply, but that doesn’t mean creating the perfect storage container for these small and essential items that cannot be fun. Add some feminine flair to office organization by turning a Tic Tac container into a floral covered storage box. Small enough to easily move around but large enough to hold plenty of paperclips, a Tic Tac container provides the ideal dimensions for keeping paperclips in one place. It also offers up just enough surface space to get creative.
Choose a floral sheet of scrapbook paper as a chic and stylish covering for a Tic Tac container. While a delicate floral pattern looks lovely, there’s always the option to mix and match patterns for a bold decorative statement. Mod Podge adhesive keeps the paper smoothly secured to the exterior of the Tic Tac container. Once the covering is complete, the Tic Tac container officially takes on new life as a paperclip holder. Place it on an office desk at home or work for a unique way to keep paperclips in order and easy to access.
-Tic Tac container
-Floral scrapbook paper, one 6-by-6-inch sheet
-Mod Podge adhesive
-Small glass bowl
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove the lid from the top of a Tic Tac container. Make sure the container’s label has been fully removed as well.
2. Place a sheet of floral scrapbook paper underneath the Tic Tac container with the decorative side facing down.
3. Wrap the Tic Tac container tightly in the paper creasing at every edge to indicate where the paper will ultimately fit.
4. Unfold the Tic Tac container from the paper, and cut the paper to size using the crease marks as lines to follow.
5. Fill a small glass bowl with Mod Podge adhesive.
6. Paint one of the large sides of the Tic Tac container with Mod Podge adhesive, and press the decorative paper to the glue with the floral pattern facing up. Allow half an inch of paper to extend over the edge of the Tic Tac container and make sure the top and bottom edges are perfectly aligned.
7. Continue painting Mod Podge adhesive to all sides of the Tic Tac container and pressing and smoothing the decorative paper to the glue until the edges meet once again.
8. Fill the Tic Tac container with a collection of paperclips.
9. Replace the lid on the container, and display the floral paperclip holder on a home or office desk.