Add a pop of color to any room with a handmade table runner

Imagine always having the perfect home decor accent that could rejuvenate an old side table or spruce up a buffet cabinet. Table runners are an easy way to update your home to match the season or holiday. They protect your furniture, and with the right fabric, they play beautifully off of a leafy plant or your favorite holiday decorations. Whether under a succulent or to accent a holiday spread, a table runner is a great way to brighten your home.
For this project, we used fat quarters. The final dimensions will work well with a side table but can be altered to fit a longer table. Many craft stores have fabric squares like those we used, however a fabric store may carry more options. Be sure to also pick up thread in a complimentary color to the fabric you choose. Remember to go slowly and have fun making your darling table runners.
- 3 Fat quarters
- Ruler
- Marking pen or chalk
- Scissors
- Sewing machine
- Thread
- Iron
- Straight pins
DIY Everywhere
1. Iron your fat quarters, then lay two of them flat with the right side facing up. Set the third piece aside.
2. Measure 10 2-inch-wide strips across the fat quarters and cut.
3. Cut the third fat quarter in half, and set it aside.
4. Using the strips you cut from the first two fat quarters, layout an alternating pattern.
5. Stitch the alternating strips together lengthwise by matching the right sides together.
Tip: Using the guides on the sewing machine will help you to achieve a straighter seam.
6. Continue adding strips in the alternating pattern as you go until all strips have been sewn together. Set this striped piece aside.
7. Stitch the short ends of the pieces cut from the third fat quarter together. Match up the right sides of the fabric, and sew a straight seam.
8. Set your iron to the appropriate setting for the fabric of your project. Carefully iron the back of each seam flat to achieve a cleaner finish. Depending on the allowance you used when sewing your strips together, you may want to use work gloves while ironing for added protection.
9. Continue ironing until all seams are pressed on the striped piece and the piece made from your third fat quarter.
10. Pin the long edges of both sewn pieces together, matching up the center points when the front sides are facing each other. Match up the other long side of the pieces as you did with the first. You should only see the wrong sides of the fabric.
11. Sew the edges together, then turn the piece right-side out and press again.
12. Fold the piece in half lengthwise, and match up the edges. Pin the short sides together, and sew along the short sides.
13. Poke out the corners at each end to make a triangle and press to set the fold. Sew along the opening of each end triangle.
14. Neaten any loose threads and lay across a nightstand or end table for a pop of color and pattern.

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