Transform a Tic Tac container into an easy-to-carry sewing kit for emergencies

Life is full of unexpected obstacles and there’s nothing more frustrating than heading out for an important meeting or fun party only to find that a button is missing on a favorite blouse or jacket. When it comes to clothing, a small rip or tear has the power to cause big stress in daily life. While sewing kits can always be purchased, there’s no reason to spend hard earned money when a Tic Tac container is the ideal size and shape to work as an emergency sewing kit.
Once the label is removed, a Tic Tac container becomes an easy-to-carry solution as an on-the-go sewing kit that’s made for handling emergencies as they arise. While leaving the container transparent is a convenient way to see the thread, scissors and extra buttons inside, there’s always the option to glam it up by adding rustic twine and a charming fabric flower. No matter how the Tic Tac container is personalized, the one thing that stays the same is that this DIY project means a quick sewing fix is always within reach wherever the day may lead.
-Tic Tac container
-Hot glue gun
-Floral lace
-Thread snippers
-Sewing pins, 5
-Mini thread rolls, 2
-buttons, 3
-Mini sewing scissors
-Safety pin
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a Tic Tac container on a flat working surface with one of the wide surfaces facing up. Be sure the entire label has been removed.
2. Apply a line of hot glue horizontally across the center of the Tic Tac container and press the end of a string of twine to attach.
3. Continue to apply hot glue on each side of the box and press twine until the edges meet once again.
4. Glue and wrap the twine around the box in 13 loops being sure the twine touches the loops above and below.
5. Cut away excess twine once the final loop has been attached.
6. Cut a single lace flower from a string of floral lace using thread snippers for accuracy.
7. Apply hot glue to the back of the lace flower and press it to the center of the twine on the wide face of the container.
8. Fill the container with emergency sewing supplies. This size of container can accommodate five sewing pins, two mini thread rolls, three buttons, mini sewing scissors and a safety pin.
9. Put the lid back on the container and place the emergency sewing kit in a purse or pouch for safekeeping and future use.

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