Save money by sewing a simple and stylish eyeglass case from felt

For many people, eyewear is an essential part of taking on the world with clarity. While these visual aids are vital to a blur-free day, eyeglasses generally come with quite a heavy price tag too. It’s important to keep eyewear safe and secure when they aren’t being used while keeping them readily available as well. Instead of adding to the overall price point with an expensive case or carrier, consider crafting a simple and stylish eyeglass case from felt right at home.
Basic stitches are all that’s required to turn a piece of lavender felt into a durable and eye-catching eyeglass case. Give the case a secure attachment point with some elastic cord and a soft bead that ensures glasses are snuggly kept safe until they’re needed. This DIY eyeglass case is easy to carry around in a purse or pouch but could also be a handy accessory for a glove compartment in the car. Wherever it goes, a felt eyeglass case is a great way to make a fashion statement while making sure you’re never without your glasses again.
- Violet felt, 8.5” x 11”
- Sewing pins, 5
- Scissors
- White elastic cord
- Needle and thread
- Fabric bead
DIY Everywhere
1. Fold a sheet of violet felt in half vertically making sure the short top and bottom edges are evenly matched.
2. Secure the long edges together by using sewing pins along the side and bottom.
3. Fold the felt in half vertically once more, pinching the fabric 2-inches from the top.
4. Cut a diagonal line across the top 2-inches of the felt beginning from the open edges and cutting up towards the left side of the fabric. Unfold the felt once the cut is complete to reveal two triangles at the top.
5. Fold the front triangle of felt down and cut it away at the horizontal seam so only the back triangle remains pointing up.
6. Cut 2-inches of elastic cord and tie the ends together in a secure knot to create a small loop.
7. Position the knot on the point of the felt triangle allowing the loop to extend over the end.
8. Stitch the knotted loop into place on the felt using a needle and thread. Cut away excess thread as needed once the loop is secured.
9. Stich the bottom and long edges of the felt together using a needle and thread beginning on the bottom left corner of the felt and working up towards the top right corner. Knot the thread and cut away excess once the pouch opening is reached.
10. Remove all sewing pins from the felt.
11. Position a yellow, fabric bead on the front of the pouch near the opening. Fold the triangle top with the loop attached over to make sure the bead and elastic cord are lined up before attaching.
12. Stitch the bead to the felt by running a needle and thread through the fabric and the center of the bead. Knot the bead in place inside the pouch and cut away excess thread.
13. Place eyeglasses inside the felt case and close shut using the bead and elastic loop to secure precious cargo.