Create an eye-catching pompom wreath perfect for any wall or door in the home

A wreath is a simple way to add a stylish touch to any wall in the home. When it’s time to add a pop of color and a bit of texture too, consider creating a DIY pompom wreath that’s soft, elegant and eye-catching. An embroidery hoop provides the perfect foundation for this fun pompom wreath when it’s wrapped in white yarn. Once the base is taken care of, it’s time to get creative with colors and create an arrangement of fanciful pompoms from yarn that looks amazing when hot glued to the hoop frame.
This pompom wreath would be a great addition to the living room, but if done in pastels could also be a fun piece of wall art in a child’s room too. This simple, yet stunning project would be easy enough to alter for the holidays and could be done up in red and green pompoms when Christmas rolls around. Wherever it hangs, this pompom wreath is sure to be pleasing to the eye and fun to mix and match with other décor.
-Embroidery hoop, 12 inches in diameter
-White yarn
-Yarn snips
-Hot glue gun
-Hot glue sticks
-Gray yarn
-Clover pompom maker
-20 rolls of yarn in varying hues
DIY Everywhere
1. Place an embroidery hoop on a flat working surface.
2. Pull 7 feet of white yarn from a larger spool and cut at the end using yarn snips.
3. Apply a spot of hot glue to the outside of the embroidery hoop, and press one end of the white yarn to the glue to attach.
4. Apply a line of hot glue 1 inch down the side of the hoop, and wrap the white yarn around the hoop to secure to the glue. Continue wrapping the yarn around the entire hoop until the ends meet. Cut away excess thread and use a spot of hot glue to attach the end. Make sure the yarn is wound tightly so hoop does not show beneath.
5. Open a clover pompom maker, and wrap one side entirely with gray yarn. Close the clover, and snip away excess yarn as needed.
6. Open the opposite side of the clover pompom maker, and wrap it in gray yarn as well. Close the clover, and snip away excess thread.
7. Follow the central line on each side of the clover using yarn snips to separate the yarn into pompom tassels.
8. Knot a piece of gray yarn through the center of the clover to keep both sides securely attached to one another.
9. Open the clover to remove the pompom.
10. Cut the pompom to an even size using standard scissors.
11. Apply a spot of hot glue to the outside of the embroidery hoop, and press the pompom to the glue to attach.
12. Create 20 additional pompoms in different shades and hues, and apply them to the exterior of the hoop side by side, using colors to create an eye-catching design.
13. Hang the pompom wreath on any wall or door in the home for a fun pop of color.