Paint the bottom of a tray black & achieve this charming effect

Cleaning out the kitchen doesn’t have to be an exercise in throwing out old cookware. If you happen upon an old metal tray, consider getting creative and turning it into a charming chalkboard instead of sticking it in the trash. This unique transformation is one that’s perfect for writing inspiring messages made to double as home décor.
Covering the bottom of the metal tray with black chalk paint is all it takes to create a foundation for fun and meaningful messages. Make this project even more time-efficient by using a hairdryer to set the paint in record time. Black leather cord makes it simple to attach a piece of chalk to the handle and once that’s done, this newly designed chalkboard is ready for display. Place it on a shelf in the living room or on the wall of the kitchen to keep family members and friends inspired or writing messages of their own anytime they walk through the room.
- Metal tray
- Black chalkboard paint
- Small glass bowl
- Paintbrush
- Hairdryer
- Black leather cord
- Scissors
- White chalk
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a metal tray on a flat working surface.
2. Fill a small glass bowl with black chalk paint.
3. Paint the bottom of the tray black using short upward strokes to create a smooth finish. Make sure the paint reaches all four edges of the bottom of the tray and the center space is entirely filled in as well.
4. Dry the paint by using a hairdryer across the surface.
5. Cover the bottom of the tray in a second coat of black chalk paint.
6. Blow-dry the paint to set it a second time.
7. Loop one end of a spool of black leather cord through the left handle of the tray.
8. Wrap the leather cord tightly around the handle until it’s entirely covered.
9. Cut the leather cord from the spool and knot the two ends together in the middle of the handle. Cut away excess cord on either end as needed.
10. Wrap and secure leather cord around the right handle of the tray in identical fashion.
11. Cut 24 inches of black leather cord from the spool and knot one end around the bottom of the left tray handle.
12. Wrap the opposite end of the cord around a large piece of white chalk to attach it to the tray.
13. Display the chalkboard tray on a shelf or countertop in the home and complete the look by writing an inspiring chalk message for family and friends to enjoy!