Fluffy bookmark project makes reading even more of a pleasure

A popular personal electronic device developed during the tsunami of the tech craze was the e-reader. Many, however, still prefer the smell and heft of a real, three-dimensional book. If you still enjoy physically turning pages, this project is for you. Rather than tearing a scrap off a notebook page or using a subscription card that fell out of a magazine, craft this eye-catching bookmark. It will add grace to your bedside table and is a functional and pretty accessory.
The thing that makes this bookmark special is that it’s embellished with pom-poms. You don't purchase them, you craft them yourself using an increasingly useful arts and crafts gadget. Feel free to select yarn in shades that coordinate with your color scheme. You can make all the pom-poms the same color or go with different hues. However you create this project, the result will make you want to finish the latest installment in your mystery series.
- Yarn
- Pom-pom maker
- Needle-nosed cutting tool
- Scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Unfurl some yarn from your skein.
2. Open up the pom-pom-making tool.
3. Wrap yarn around the two “C”-shaped portions of the pom-pom maker that swing away from the rest of the tool.
4. Close the pom-pom maker.
5. Use your small cutting tool to snip each section of wrapped yarn straight down the middle. After snipping, you will see four sections of fringed yarn.
6. Cut about 4 inches of yarn and place it in the circular center indentation between the two moving parts of the pom-pom maker. Tie the ends in a knot and cut the knot ends from the yarn skein with the cutting tool.
7. Open the pom-pom maker and take the pom-pom out. Fluff it out.
8. Trim the pom-pom into a uniform ball shape with the scissors, but don’t trim the two longer yarn tails from when you tied the knot.
9. Follow steps 1-8 and make six more pom-poms.
10. Cut a 6-inch length of yarn and thread one end of it through a sewing needle.
11. Pierce the needle through the top middle portion of each of three pom-poms, near to where the longer yarn tails are located.
12. Arrange the three pom-poms at one end of the length of yarn so they form a triangle shape -- one pom-pom on top of two.
13. Tie the yarn that's threaded through them into a knot and with the scissors cut off excess yarn from the knot and any that's showing from the pom-poms.
14. Repeat steps 10-13, but put the other three pom-poms at the opposite end of the length of yarn.
15. Your pom-pom bookmark is now ready to be placed between the pages of your latest read.

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