Upgrade storage from standard to stylish by creating a pom-pom basket

A braided fabric basket works well to keep yarn and other craft materials organized, but it isn’t always available in an eye-catching style. Instead of searching for just the right look, consider creating a pom-pom basket that brings color, texture and fun to this simple storage container. With some hot glue and a Clover pom-pom maker, it won’t take long to transform the look of a standard basket into something adorable and one of a kind.
Using yarn hues that span the range of earth tones is an exceptional way to add dimension and elegance to the top of a braided basket lid. While this color scheme works well in almost any room, if the pom-pom basket will be placed somewhere that already has a pale color palette in place, try mixing and matching yarns in bold shades instead. When complete, this decorative basket is an ideal place to store bundles of yarn for future projects. It could also be a featured piece next to the couch or a central coffee table. Wherever your pom-pom basket ends up, it’s sure to be a charming conversation starter.
-Gray yarn
-Clover pom-pom maker
-Yarn snips
-Earth-tone shades of yarn to create 30 pom-poms in varying hues
-Round braided fabric basket with lid, 12 inches in diameter
-Hot glue gun
DIY Everywhere
1. Open one side of a Clover pom-pom maker and wrap gray yarn around the extended arm until it's completely covered.
2. Close the pom-maker and snip the end of the yarn away from the roll.
3. Open the opposite side of the pom-pom maker and wrap the extended arm in gray yarn until it’s completely covered.
4. Close the pom-pom maker and snip the end of the yarn away from the roll.
5. Cut through the center line of both sides of the pom-pom maker using yarn snips to separate the yarn into tassels.
6. Knot a single piece of gray yarn around the center of the pom-pom maker to secure both sides of the pom-pom in place. Snip away excess yarn as needed.
7. Open the Clover tool to release the pom-pom from the apparatus.
8. Cut the tassels to even lengths using traditional scissors.
9. Create 30 additional pom-poms with the same technique using varying hues of earth-tone yarn.
10. Remove the lid from a round 12-inch fabric braided basket and place it on a flat working surface.
11. Apply a spot of hot glue near the center of the lid as close to the handle tab as possible. Press one of the yarn pom-poms to the glue to attach.
12. Continue attaching pom-poms to the lid in concentric circles until the entire lid is covered.
13. Fill the basket with rolls of yarn and place the pom-pom lid on top for a stylish look that’s useful too!