Give walls color, texture and style by creating a gorgeous pom-pom garland

Summer is the season when flowers are in full bloom and the outdoor world is vibrant with color. Reflect the beauty of the outside world indoors by adding a DIY pom-pom garland to the wall. This whimsical piece of wall art is fun for kids and adults to create together and doesn’t take much time out of the day. Multicolored yarn and a clover pom-pom maker are all it takes to turn a simple string into a collection of fluffy pom-poms that bring eye-catching hues into the home décor color palette.
Blue, yellow, teal and white combine beautifully when picking a pattern for pom-poms to be attached to a base string. A loop on either end is enough to keep the garland secure on the wall or door. A pom-pom garland is a fun “just because” addition to the wall when summer is in full swing and looks lovely when hung near a vase of flowers or painted mason jars. It would also be a festive party decoration when it’s time to gather for a holiday or birthday.
- Multicolored yarn in shades of blue, yellow, teal and white.
- Clover pom-pom maker
- Yarn snips
- Scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Open one side of a clover pom-pom maker and wrap multicolored yarn around the extended arm until it’s completely covered.
2. Close the extended arm and cut away excess yarn with yarn snips.
3. Open the opposite side of the clover pom-pom maker and wrap multicolored yarn around the extended arm until it’s completely covered.
4. Close the extended arm and cut away excess yarn using yarn snips.
5. Follow the center line on either side of the clover pom-pom maker with yarn snips to cut the yarn in half, creating pom-pom tassels.
6. Tie a piece of white yarn around the center of the pom-pom clover to securely attach both sides of yarn together. Cut away excess yarn, leaving 1-1/2 inches of white yarn as attachment points.
7. Open the clover pom-pom maker to remove the pom-pom.
8. Cut the ends of the pom-pom tassels to an even length with scissors. Leave the attachment yarn untouched.
9. Create 15 additional pom-poms using the same technique and set them aside.
10. Knot the end of a length of multicolored yarn into a small loop to use as one end of the garland.
11. Tie and knot a single pom-pom 2 inches from the loop using the attachment yarn and a square knot. Cut away excess yarn so it’s no longer visible against the base string. Continue tying pom-poms to the string 2 inches apart until they are all attached.
12. Cut the base string once the last pom-pon has been secured, leaving at least 4 inches of string, and knot the end into a loop.

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