Save your buttons and copy these DIY jewelry ideas

Open up any craft drawer or sewing box, and you're sure to find one thing: buttons. Lots and lots of buttons. These innocuous little notions add up over time from sewing projects, repair kits and garage sales. There's rarely been a use for them — until now. Scoop up all those buttons and sit down with these eight ideas for transforming them into an adorable collection of necklaces, bracelets and rings.
Whether it's a sophisticated bangle for a night out, a funky anklet to play up sneakers or a couple of baubles to accent hair, plenty of ways exist to turn buttons into something that's both fun and functional. Fashion a few of these darling accessories to punch up any wardrobe, and whip together a handful of extras for quick and easy gifts loved ones will adore. No matter what you create, it's sure to catch a few eyes (and garner compliments).
Button necklace
Nothing pulls an outfit together like a glamorous necklace. This DIY accessory looks like an expensive statement piece but comes with none of the cost. It's so prim and polished that no one will know it's homemade. That doesn't mean you shouldn't tell them, of course; this delightful duo of necklaces doubles as a fun conversation starter. Get all the instructions here.
Button bracelet
There's no question that the right piece of jewelry can dress up a casual outfit fast. The time it takes to make these adorable button bracelets is almost as quick. A combination of polka dot, checkered or plaid buttons give bracelets a whimsical feel, whereas stringing together several in the same color achieves a classic look with ease. Put together a few bracelets in the colors of a loved one's favorite sports team for a game day gift they're sure to love. Get the tutorial here.
Button earrings
These adorable dangling earrings might be one of the simplest (and most precious) jewelry DIY projects we've ever shared. Crazier still, they come together in three easy steps. Take advantage of the ombre trend by lining up buttons in different shades of the same color, or mix and match hues and shapes for a quirky look. When seasons or trends change, simply switch out the buttons for a new combination. Learn to make these earrings here.
Button ring
Draw attention to a new manicure with a miniature bouquet of button rings. Detail-oriented DIYers will love the option to freshen up wood flower buttons with a coat of paint that matches their fingernail polish. A faux pearl or gemstone on top is the icing on the cake. Even if nails aren't painted, these rings make hands look refined and photo-ready. Get the tutorial here.
Button choker
Nothing says summer like stopping to smell the flowers. This darling floral choker is no different. It pairs perfectly with a sundress for a day at the beach or a bohemian maxi dress for romantic evening style. Use earth-toned buttons to get a look that's fresh as a daisy, or be adventurous with rainbow buttons to transform this choker into a bright bouquet. Get all the instructions here.
Button anklet
Don't let ankles miss out on the button jewelry fun. Show shoes some love with a playful anklet. This simple sewing project would work well with any leftover or mismatched buttons. No matter the color combination, it's an accessory that's sure the snag compliments. Pair the anklet with classic sneakers and cuffed jeans for a look that seamlessly steps from summer to fall. Learn how to make it here.
Button hair accessory
Don't let wind or flyaway bangs ruin a perfect hair day. Raid the craft drawer and pop together a few of these delightful barrettes. Regular bobby pins are boring, but these button hair accessories are begging to be seen. Create several in different colors so outfits and hairdos can always match. Get the tutorial here.
Button headband
Spruce up plain plastic headbands collecting dust in a drawer with a vibrant array of buttons. Whether worn with a blunt bob or long curls, this button headband adds visual interest to any hairstyle. Use flower buttons like in this tutorial, or rummage through the craft box for extra buttons ready to be upcycled. An hour or so of an afternoon is all it takes to make this hair accessory you'll reach for day in and day out. Get all the instructions here.
Button flip flops
Flip-flops are the epitome of casual, but that doesn't mean they have to look grungy or plain. Dress up any pair of flip-flops with the fashion buttons of your choice. Get the full tutorial here.

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