Fun with pom-poms: Up the style of your hair barrette

Pom-poms add a textural playfulness to throw pillows, the hem of a skirt and even fashion accessories. This pom-pom barrette DIY project employs a specialized device as its key tool: a pom-pom maker. These are easily obtained from craft stores and give you the satisfaction of customizing the project’s main ingredient to your aesthetic preferences or specific ensemble. It’s much better than getting what you "sort of" need off-the-shelf.
In the time it takes to make one of these, you could easily devote an hour to making several. This project makes a fun gift and could be adapted for smaller barrettes if you use just one or two pom-poms. The pom-pom barrette is a unique accessory that will garner attention, smiles and perhaps curious admirers who want to feel these fuzzy coif embellishers.
- Two skeins of yarn, each of a different color
- Pom-pom maker
- Small needle-nosed cutting tool
- Scissors
- Large hair barrette
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
DIY Everywhere
1. Separate some yarn from your skein, but leave it attached to the skein.
2. Open up the pom-pom making tool.
3. Wrap the yarn around the “C”-shaped portion of the pom-pom maker that swings away from the rest of the tool.
4. Close the pom-pom maker, and snip the yarn that’s wrapped around it from the skein with the small cutting tool.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 but wrap the yarn of another color around the other swing-away piece on the other half of the pom-pom maker.
6. Use your cutting tool to snip each section of wrapped yarn straight down the middle. After snipping, you will see four sections of fringed yarn ends.
7. Cut about 4 inches of yarn, and place it in the circular center indentation in between the two swing-away moving parts of the pom-pom maker. Tie the ends in a knot and cut the excess yarn with the cutting tool.
8. Open the pom-pom maker, and take the pom-pom out. Fluff it out.
9. Trim the pom-pom into a uniform ball shape with the scissors.
10. Follow steps 1-9 to make two more pom-poms. Each should be a different solid color, unlike the first one, which is half orange and half white. As shown in the tutorial video, you can switch up the colors to your preference.
11. Apply a dot of hot glue to one end of the barrette; affix one of the solid-colored pom-poms to it.
12. Apply glue to the middle of the barrette next to the first pom-pom, and place the “half-and-half” colored pom-pom there. Place this middle pom-pom so that each colored half is situated next to the solid colored pom-pom of the different color.
13. Apply glue next to that pom-pom, and place the other solid-colored pom-pom there.
14. Allow the glue to dry.
15. Your pom-pom barrette is ready to be worn.