Transform any button-down shirt into a unique garment with this DIY

It is speculated that during the Middle Ages, knights would perform in jousting matches and dedicate their performance in honor of a particular woman. A knight would tie something that belonged to a woman, such as her handkerchief, to his arm. This was the knight's way of showing his love and honor for a specific woman. Thus, the origin of wearing your heart on your sleeve.
Gone are the days of jousting to win the affection of another person. Today, wearing your heart on your sleeve is now interpreted as openly expressing feelings and passions rather than keeping them hidden. For those who like to express themselves through fashion, consider using the "heart on sleeve" expression to create a fashion statement. Use a few pieces of fabric and a simple straight-stitch pattern to transform a button-down shirt into an impressive and unique garment.
- Long sleeved button down shirt
- 2 red fabric swatches
- Chalk pencil
- Scissors
- Straight pins
- Sewing needle
- Red thread
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1. Lay out a button-down dress shirt on a flat surface.
2. Ensure the sleeves are unrolled and unbuttoned.
2. Lay a red fabric swatch on a flat work surface.
3. Fold the fabric swatch in half; the fold should appear on the right side of the fabric.
4. Place the tip of the chalk pencil approximately 1 inch from the top of the fold.
5. Draw the left side of a heart; the top and bottom of the heart should meet at the fold.
5. Cut the shape out with scissors.
6. Open the shape to reveal a full fabric heart.
7. Position the heart shape in the center of the second red fabric swatch.
8. Use 3 straight pins to secure the heart to the swatch.
9. Cut the shape of the heart from the swatch with scissors.
10. Remove pins. Take the two hearts and set them to the side; discard excess fabric from swatches.
11. Turn the shirt over to expose the back of the sleeves.
12. Select one sleeve to work with and locate the elbow of the sleeve.
13. Position one heart shape on the elbow of the sleeve.
14. Secure the heart to the shirt with 3 straight pins.
15. Cut a piece of thread, approximately 18 inches, from the spool.
16. Thread the needle and tie a knot to secure the two ends of the thread.
17. Start on the inside of the shirt and poke the needle out, coming up through the bottom of the heart patch.
18. Run the needle back through the shirt about 1/4 inch from where it came out.
19. Continue to stitch the shirt until going all the way around the heart patch.
20. Loop the thread through the last stitch, then pull the needle through to create a knot.
21. Cut the end of the thread and remove the pins.
22. Repeat steps 14 to 21 to secure the second heart to the opposite sleeve.