Don't brush aside this makeup supply storage solution made from a metal tray

Makeup supplies can end up a scrambled mess in many a medicine cabinet or atop bathroom shelves and vanities. Tame the toiletry chaos by making a super special item to devote exclusively to makeup brush storage. A small oblong silver tray efficiently corrals brushes yet keeps them visible.
The bottom of the tray gets a clear coat and resin treatment that makes it easily wipe-able. This DIY project also goes for the glam with the addition of glitter, but remains ladylike with a lining of lace batting. You won’t want to hide this ingenious bathroom or bedroom storage solution because it’s just too pretty.
- Small oblong metal tray whose length is a bit longer than the makeup brush set
- Soft cloth
- Plastic or glass soup bowl
- Measuring cup
- Ice pop stick stirrer
- Amazing Clear Cast 2-Part Clear Coat and Casting Resin (Bottle A and Bottle B)
- 3.5-ounce bag of craft glitter
- Lace batting
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue gun sticks
- Scissors
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1. Place the tray onto your work surface and lightly wipe it out with the cloth.
2. Pour about 1-½ ounces of clear coat from Bottle A into the measuring cup.
3. Transfer it, using the stirrer, to the bowl.
4. Clean out the measuring cup and fill it with about 1-½ ounces of the casting resin from Bottle B.
5. Transfer it to the bowl containing the clear coat and mix both materials with the stirrer.
6. Empty about half of the bag of glitter into the bowl and blend it with the thick liquid mixture. The mixture should have lots of glitter in it and take on the glitter's color.
7. Pour the mixture into the bottom interior section of the tray evenly and allow it to harden.
8. Take a length of lace batting that’s equal to the approximate width and length of the tray.
9. Apply a line of hot glue on either side of one of the tray’s interior bottom corners and affix the batting to it so it’s covering the interior “wall” of the tray.
10. Apply another bit of glue and affix the next small section of the batting to the tray.
11. Continue with this process until the tray’s interior sides are completely covered with the batting.
12. Trim any excess batting material.
13. Secure the trimmed end of the batting into the side of the tray with a bit more glue.
14. Position the batting so it drapes slightly over the upper edge of the tray.
15. Allow the glue to dry and place your makeup brush set in it for pretty storage.

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