This rope-wrapping technique can elevate most DIYs

White crafting rope is a simple fabric, but when braided together, it can become a testament to nautical style that makes the perfect addition to a nondescript lampshade. It’s not required to live by the sea to create the feeling of shoreline tranquility right at home. Instead of heading to the store and searching for a lamp that aligns with decorative upgrades, create exactly the right look on your own time.
A standard lampshade is an ideal base for braided rope to be glued around the circumference. Add as many rope braids as desired for a final look that speaks to seaside charm. The texture of cotton craft rope means the lampshade will be stylish while still letting plenty of light through once a lightbulb is in place. Place a rope-wrapped lampshade on an end table or by the window next to books or perhaps a vase filled with yarn-wrapped flowers for maximum visual appeal.
- Standard lampshade
- Skein of white cotton craft rope
- Scissors
- White embroidery floss
- Painter’s tape
- Hot glue gun
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove a standard lampshade from its base and set it to the side.
2. Unravel a length of white cotton craft rope from the skein.
3. Cut three lengths of rope, each long enough to wrap around the circumference of the lampshade.
4. Even up the ends of the three lengths of rope and tie together with a piece of white embroidery floss. Cut away excess embroidery floss once the ropes are secure.
5. Attach the tied ends of rope to a working surface with a piece of painter’s tape.
6. Braid the three lengths of rope into a single braid and tie them at the opposite end with embroidery floss. Create enough additional braids of rope to cover the entire surface of the lampshade from top to bottom — or as many rows of rope as you need.
7. Apply a line of hot glue at the top edge of the lampshade beginning at the seam.
8. Press one end of a braided rope to the glue to secure.
9. Continue gluing and attaching the rope to the lampshade until the opposite ends meet once again.
10. Attach the remaining ropes using the same gluing technique so they are stacked one on top of the other and cover the entire surface of the lampshade.
11. Replace the lampshade on its base and add a lightbulb.