Lady turns pallet wood into chic decor, perfect for the next house party

There’s nothing better than getting friends together for a casual gathering complete with stimulating beverages. There’s nothing worse than realizing the party’s short a bottle opener. Leave the stress of accessing delicious bottle-based beverages behind and keep the party going by turning pallet wood into a wall-mounted opener. Both charming and useful, this wall-mounted opener is highly efficient and also makes for a great conversation starter.
The wood-pallet box below the opener is a wonderful way to catch lids as they fall and simplify things when its time to recycle them. The unfinished surface of this opener adds a nice country-style touch to a kitchen or living room wall. You always have the option to modify your design with a sleek wood stain if the opener will be used in a more contemporary space. Wherever you place this wall-mounted bottle opener, it’s sure to be a fun addition that makes hosting a house party easier than ever.
- Pallet wood cutouts measuring 10.25 inches in length (2)
- Pallet wood cutout measuring 9.5 inches in length (1)
- Pallet wood cutouts measuring 8.25 inches in length (2)
- Pallet wood cutouts measuring 2.5 inches in length (2)
- Handheld sanding block
- Measuring tape
- Handheld power drill
- Nails (20)
- Hammer
- Pencil
- Bottle opener with double screw attachment points
- Screws (2)
DIY Everywhere
1. Place seven pallet wood cutouts on a flat working surface. Two pallet boards will measure 10.25 inches in length, one will measure 9.5 inches in length, two will measure 8.25 inches and two will measure 2.5 inches in length.
2. Sand the edges of each of the seven boards smooth using a handheld sanding block.
3. Place the two boards measuring 10.25 inches side by side on the table with the short edges at the top and bottom and the long edges lined up in the center.
4. Position the board measuring 9.5 inches in length on top of the two larger boards. Make sure the top and bottom edges of all boards are aligned and the top board covers the centerline of the two boards below.
5. Drill a hole halfway through each corner of the 9.5-inch board.
6. Hammer a nail through each of the drill holes to connect the 9.5-inch board to the two baseboards below.
7. Drill four holes into each of the four corners created by the two baseboards measuring 10.25 inches each. The holes should be evenly spaced on either side of the corner and only go halfway through the board.
8. Flip the baseboards over so the 9.5-inch top board is flush with the table and the backside of the 10.25-inch boards is facing up.
9. Position the two 2.5-inch boards on each of the bottom corners of the baseboards and lay an 8.25-inch long wood board across the smaller boards horizontally. The ends of the 8.25-inch board will extend slightly over the smaller boards below.
10. Indicate where the smaller boards meet up with the 8.25-inch board using pencil markings on each end.
11. Drill two holes halfway through the 8.25-inch boards on either end as connection points.
12. Hammer a nail into each of the four holes to connect the 8.25-inch board to the smaller boards.
13. Flip the entire unit upside down once the 8.25-inch board is attached so that the legs of two 2.5-inch pieces are facing up and in line with the edges of the larger baseboards. The 9.5-inch board will be facing up for this step.
14. Hammer two nails through the large baseboard edge of the 2.5-inch boards to connect the units. Repeat using two nails on the other side.
15. Position the second 8.25-inch board along the front opening of the unit and use a pencil to mark four nail attachment points.
16. Drill halfway through the pencil markings before hammering four nails through the board to attach it to the front of what will eventually be the wall-mounted bottle opener. This board works as the face of the basket designed to catch bottle lids.
17. Lay the entire piece flat so that the lid-drop basket faces up and the 10.25-inch baseboards are against the table.
18. Drill two evenly spaced holes halfway through each of the 10.25-inch board centers.
19. Hammer a nail into each of the four holes to secure the baseboards to the 9.5-inch board below.
20. Position a bottle opener with two screw attachment points toward the top center of the longer baseboards.
21. Drill a screw into each of the attachment holes to secure the bottle opener to the frame.
22. Mount the bottle opener on the wall for a convenient addition to a house party that also makes a wonderful conversation starter!