Grab grandma's old sweater and give it new life with these DIY ideas

An old, comfy sweater is one of the best things in the world. They're usually a little big and have a comforting, pleasing color. They might remind you of a loved one, especially if they were handmade for you by that person. But what happens when Grandma's sweater has seen better days? You couldn't possibly throw it away... That's where DIY comes in.
Plenty of the projects below will allow you to still enjoy a worn-out sweater while honoring the family member it reminds you of. From other clothing items to decor for your living room to even a cute and cozy outfit for your furry best friend, you can make almost anything out of an old sweater. And trust us, your grandmother will love that you kept the sweater in your life and created something new out of a special item from the past.
Sweater lamp shade
The following project by Amber Oliver proves that you can turn a cozy sweater into chic new home decor. The texture of this sweater adds instant warmth and joy to a room. The lampshade itself was purchased at a thrift store for just $1!
Making these warm winter gloves out of an old sweater is easy and fun. Even if you haven't done much sewing in your life, the project is totally accessible and allows you to create something beautiful as well as practical. What's more, the lacing detail on the sides gives these gloves an extra touch of elegance. Get the tutorial here.
For the fall holidays, consider making one of these adorable pumpkins by cutting some fabric off an old sweater. It doesn't have to be orange to get the look you want, and you can place these easy-to-make pumpkins anywhere, from a side table to a centerpiece in the dining room to your nightstand. The cinnamon scent from the stem will surely give you sweet dreams! Get the tutorial here.
Infinity scarf from a sweater
Do you have too many sweaters but not enough scarves? This winter, try turning the former into the latter. It's not hard to make an infinity scarf out of an old sweater, and you can literally add a whole new layer to your outfits when you create this beautiful piece. Get the tutorial here.
Pillow from a sweater
Pillows get even snugglier when you make them out of old sweaters you still love and can't bear to part with. Try making one from a sweater with buttons to create this gorgeous look, and place your new throw pillow on the couch so guests can admire it — or on your own bed if you don't want to share. Get the tutorial here.
Leg warmers from a sweater
Is your favorite old sweater getting too worn to wear, but the arms are still intact? Try cutting them off and turning them into leg warmers. This '80s fashion statement is coming back in a big way, and you'll be glad you have your leg warmers on when you step out during the colder months. Get the tutorial here.
Ornaments from a sweater
If you can no longer wear that sweater your grandmother gave you, but you still want to appreciate it, consider making these soft yet simple Christmas ornaments. They're easy to sew and have a beautiful, homemade quality that makes them just as special as the garment from which they are made. Hang them on your own tree, or give them as a gift this holiday season. Get the tutorial here.
Dog sweater
Instead of wearing an old sweater yourself, why not make it into an adorable garment for your dog? This craft is a little more advanced — from getting Fido's measurements to creating the sweater's template, you'll need to exercise patience and care, but the end result is so charming, everyone will get a kick out of it! Get the tutorial here.

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