Transform a plain-Jane lampshade with graphically interesting wallpaper

Lampshades can be plain and dull affairs or patterned and exciting décor exclamation points. This DIY wallpaper covered lampshade project requires just a few supplies, but the result is a completely customized shade that will do a lot to unify and beautify to your space.
The project is easy on the budget because if you don’t happen to have wallpaper remnants around the house, you can easily grab samples at a retailer, often for free. Wallpaper has recently come back into vogue as a punchy way to make a design statement on accent walls and ceilings, in powder rooms, and in entryways. Wallpaper's popularity means that there are thousands of stunning patterns and colors out there to choose from. Take a chance with a modern abstract pattern with moody hues or go high-class with a British-influenced bird pattern. If you have a set of lamps on your living room occasional tables, match the shades to each other to create structure and symmetry or use similar colors and different patterns. The possibilities are endless with the project, but the results are 100% gorgeous.
- Table lamp
- Tape measure
- Wallpaper remnant
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Glue gun sticks
DIY Everywhere
1. Stand the lamp on your work surface.
2. Measure the lampshade’s circumference and note it.
3. Measure the lampshade’s height, from top to bottom, and note that as well.
4. Lay your wallpaper remnant on the work surface, with the bottom side facing up. Measure and mark a piece that matches the circumference and height dimensions of your lampshade, but add about ½-inch to each measurement.
5. Cut the piece of wallpaper that will cover the shade from the larger piece of wallpaper.
6. Wrap the piece of wallpaper around the lampshade.
7. On one of the end’s edges, apply a thin line of hot glue.
8. Lay the other end of the wallpaper over the end edge with the glue on it and apply pressure.
9. Apply a thin line of glue to the small bit of overlapping wallpaper that extends a bit above the top of the shade. Fold it over and glue it to the shade’s upper edge.
10. Repeat step 9, but on the bottom portion of the shade.
11. Allow the glue to dry completely and place the shade back on the lamp base. It’s ready to be used.

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