A budget-friendly upgrade for a lampshade: Add fun fabric

A simple lamp can add a warm glow to any room in the home. When it's time to upgrade a lamp’s look for the season or a holiday, there’s no need to head to the store in search of something new. Instead, grab some leftover decorative fabric from the craft drawer and cover an old lampshade to make the entire piece look like new.
It's easy to take that lampshade from drab to dazzling with nothing more than some scissors, fabric and a hot glue gun. Once you've measured out the new fabric, you simply wrap and attach it to the old lampshade to create an attractive decorative accent. Cover the lampshade in a leafy green fabric and see what a charming addition the lamp will make to an end table, accompanied by a lush houseplant. Feel free to mix and match fabrics over time, keeping lampshades on trend with changing home color palettes.
-Linen drum lampshade, 30 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height
-Measuring tape
-Decorative fabric
-Ruler, 24 inches in length
-Blue colored pencil
-Hot glue gun
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1. Remove a 30-inch linen drum lampshade from its base.
2. Measure around the circumference of the lampshade using a tape measure and add 1 inch to the final measurement.
3. Measure the height of the lampshade and add half an inch to either end.
4. Unfold a swatch of decorative fabric on a flat working surface with the white side of the fabric facing up and the decorative surface facing down.
5. Measure out the length and height of the lampshade using a 24-inch ruler. Mark the measurements across the length of the fabric using a blue colored pencil. Be sure to add the half-inch of extra fabric on the top and bottom, and the extra inch of length as well.
6. Outline the correct dimensions using the ruler and blue colored pencil when the markings are complete.
7. Cut the fabric using the blue lines as a stencil.
8. Apply a line of hot glue down the seam of the lampshade.
9. Press one end of the decorative fabric to the hot glue to securely attach. Smooth the fabric to avoid wrinkles.
10. Wrap the remainder of the decorative fabric around the lampshade and fold the opposite end over 1 inch.
11. Apply a line of hot glue down the seam once more and press the opposite folded end to the glue to attach.
12. Flip the lampshade right side up and fold the top edge of the fabric under half an inch so the edge of the fabric is in line with the top edge of the lampshade.
13. Apply a dab of hot glue to the top edge of the lampshade and press the folded edge of the fabric to the glue to attach.
14. Continue folding and gluing the fabric around the top of the lampshade.
15. Flip the lampshade upside down and repeat folding the fabric edge and gluing it around the bottom of the lampshade.
16. Replace the lampshade on its base and add a lightbulb. Place the lamp on an end table with books and a green plant for an upgraded look sure to please.

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