Give a lampshade a modern yarn-wrapped upgrade in a few simple steps

Adding an elegant decorative touch to a room can be as simple as finding the right lamp to set on an end table. Instead of heading over to a home goods store and spending far too much on something new, keep money in the bank and upgrade the look of a lampshade at home with some stylish yarn. A well-wrapped lampshade can deliver high-end results you can be achieve in a few easy steps.
To create this appealing look, choose a skein of yarn in multiple hues of gray. Hot glue keeps the ends in place as the yarn is wrapped side by side around the lampshade. The finished lampshade seamlessly blends shades of gray around the circumference, creating an eye-catching look no matter where you place it. It works especially well in a living room with a pale color palette, but the lampshade could also be an attactive addition to a home office.
-Standard lampshade
-Skein of yarn, multiple hues of gray
-Hot glue gun
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove a traditional lampshade from its base and set to the side.
2. Pull multiple lengths of multi-hued gray yarn from a skein. Cut after a large pile of yarn has been removed that you can hold as a fistful.
3. Apply a spot of hot glue to the top interior edge of the lampshade and press one end of the gray yarn to securely attach.
4. Pull the yarn vertically down the front of the lampshade in a straight line.
5. Apply a spot of hot glue to the bottom edge of the lampshade and press the yarn to the glue to secure.
6. Wrap the yarn up in the lampshade's interior by pulling the entire pile of yarn through the lampshade. Secure the individual string once again at the top edge with hot glue.
7. Continue wrapping the yarn in side-by-side lengths around the lampshade, securing with hot glue at the top and bottom edges. Wrap the lampshade until it is entirely covered. Cut away excess yarn when wrapping is complete.
8. Replace the lampshade on its base and add a lightbulb.
9. Place the lamp on an end table or shelf to admire.