Snatch up a ladder and paintbrush & copy this furniture

Pieces of a real ladder are a bit too big to use effectively as home decor, but hobby and craft stores carry smaller versions of decorative ladders that are the perfect size to hang on interior walls. If you can't find a decorative ladder that satisfies your size requirements, it's easy to make one. All you need is 2-by-2 wood for the sides, dowels for the rungs, a drill and bit to make holes for the dowels, and wood glue to keep the dowels in place.
If you choose to hang the ladder piece in the bathroom or another area with higher air moisture, spray or paint it with a waterproof finish/sealant; this prevents the wood from getting mildew or warping from the moisture. This tutorial uses a ladder with slanted steps and four openings (sections), but you may use straight steps and as many openings as you need for whatever sentiment you choose to express.
- Decorative unfinished wood ladder, at least 18 inches wide
- Lavender chalk paint
- Small bowl
- 1-inch bristle brush
- Drop cloth or newspaper
- 4 black eyehooks
- 4 black hanging chalkboards, at least 4 inches square
- Fake vines and purple greenery
- Silver floral wire
- Wire cutters
- Liquid chalk marker
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the ladder horizontally on the drop cloth. Pour paint into the bowl.
2. Paint the entire ladder. Let the front dry before turning it over and painting the back. Set aside the paint cloth after the ladder is completely dry.
3. Locate the side rail that now is positioned at the bottom. Find the center point (P1) for the first section on the side rail. Find the corresponding point (P2) on the underside of the opposite side rail. Screw one eyehook into P2.
4. Repeat step 3 for each ladder section.
5. Hang a chalkboard on each eyehook.
6. Secure the greenery and vines along the top side rail of the ladder with the wire. Trim excess wire.
7. Write the letter "h" on the left chalkboard, "o" on the next chalkboard, "m" on the third, and "e" on the last chalkboard.
8. Hang the ladder where desired.