Lady transforms plain buttons into a fun, funky DIY

It has never been easier to find loads of unique and stylish buttons at craft stores, yard sales, and even in your own home. They can be magically transformed from loose clutter into a sweet piece of jewelry quicker than you can say, “How adorable is that?!”
The bracelets can be designed with a whimsical or ultra-sophisticated eye. For a more casual piece, string together an eclectic mixture of buttons in different colors, styles, and shapes. If you hope to wear your bracelet with your little black dress, consider one type of button in dramatic red, with a lacquer sheen. You can’t go wrong either way. While you’re at it, make a few extra. There’s no question these will come in handy for giving as birthday and holiday gifts!
- 11 or 12 small decorative buttons
- Package of white embroidery floss
- Small cutting tool
- Sewing needle
DIY Everywhere
1. Place about a dozen small buttons next to each other in a horizontal line on your work surface.
2. Unwind part of the embroidery floss so that it extends in length a bit beyond each end of the row of buttons.
3. Continue unwinding another piece of floss that’s approximately the same length as the first piece.
4. Snip the length of floss from the rest of the floss with the cutting tool.
5. Double up the piece of floss so that it forms an elongated "U" shape.
6. Gather the floss at the point where it forms an arch above the two lengths that are side by side, and tie a knot there, leaving a small loop located at the mid-section of the length of floss.
7. Gather the ends of the floss, and thread them through the eye of the sewing needle.
8. Bring the needle through the two holes of the first button, entering from back to front. Make sure that the floss creates a small line that extends from one button hole to the next.
9. Move this first button all the way down to where the floss knot and loop are located, at the other end of the floss piece.
10. Repeat steps 7 through 9 with each of the buttons, and fit them snugly together until all of the buttons are threaded and on the floss.
11. Tie a knot with the ends of the floss that come through the last button you threaded.
12. Trim any excess floss from this knot.
13. Put the first button on the end of the bracelet that's opposite the floss loop through the loop. This will ensure that your bracelet will stay securely on your wrist.